Monday, May 22, 2006

Ah fOok and rAchEl'€™s weDding

A unique wedding. The entire guesses enjoy themselves to the max. That should be the way; everyone should drink and have fun whether you are the host or the guess to make your wedding dinner more memorable.
Their wedding also seems to look like ApiItians gathering. I met a lot of apIitians. Sited on my table are  Anthony and his girlfriend, Kenny and Carol, Ming Sen, Catherine, Joyce and ….. and …. Ops I forget your name!! Anyone remember who is that gal sitting next to Kenny?
At the end of the wedding dInNer I chat with Tsi Lok and found out that she’s joining line dance too. We both learn from the same teacher but in different places. She learned in wisma genting and I learned in R3 club. At first I wonder how she knows I joined line dance when we began to chat. She began to describe that she saw me in 1 of Lily Chin Line dance party at Hola Jln Conlay. Suddenly every single picture stored in my brain starts to emerge. I remember her as the gal who took part in line dance competition but I just couldn’t recognize  her .She looks like a teenager to me that night.
After the wedding, some question pops up in my mind. Why am I so forgetful? Was it because I’m selective in remembering things? too busy to notice? Or I’m just not observance?

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