Monday, May 22, 2006

May Yoke’s wedding on 19 March 2006

Another friend got married today. She stays around my neighborhood and we used to go to school together when we were in secondary school. I went to her house early in the morning to become “chee mui” (bride’s maid). When I reached there , Mei Ru and Yoke YoOng were already there preparing games to play with the bridegroom.
Here are the punishments or reward for the Q & A section
1) Chocolate banana ice cream in the potty
2) Wassabi Chocolate
3) Tong yuen with chilly and bitter guard etc
4) Hornets Drink
Later that night , me and Siew choon meet each other up to go to May Yoke’s wedding dinner in Puchong. Siew Choon really dresses up that night. She wore a white color 1 piece dress with a pair of white high heel shoes. This is the first I saw her wearing high heel shoes. Wow!! Siew Choon you look so feminine.
We reached there quite late because of the jam that cause by flood near Kinrara. As soon as we reached there we hunt for a parking place and proceed to the restaurant. Our place was nicely arranged under the group SMPP (name of my secondary school in KL)
At the end of the wedding we’d photography section. She’s the happiest bride I’ve seen this year. Congratulation and may you live happily ever after with your prince charming.

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