Thursday, June 8, 2006

Gunung Rajah Expedition

Last weekend was a great and exciting weekend, I’ve been looking forward for weeks. It was Gunung Rajah expedition organize by Xiong Ha (our leader) and Gu Wen (second in command in our team to ensure nobody is left behind). Me, Mei Ru, Desmond and Tang went up to Gunung rajah together with 14 other people. Some of them are stranger to us. Along the way to peak we build friendship and learn about each other. Team work is the main things I learn about during this 3 days 2 night trip. Without each other help the trip wouldn't be successful.
The journey begins at 5.00 a.m on 2nd of June 2006. I woke up at this wee hour to get ready to go. The only thing that keeps me awake is my morning cup of coffee. I called a taxi to get me to cheras "pat yeh tin" to meet desmond at 6 a.m.

After the first meeting point with desmond , mei ru and tang , we proceed to batu caves to meet up with our hiking buddy at 6.45 a.m. and had our breakfast at bentong before our exciting adventure at gunung rajah which suppose to be a famous mountain where trekkers got struck by lightning 2 years ago.

First 5 minutes of the journey was a bit scary for inexperience trekkers, the shortcut path that we took was quite steep. The next 2 to 3 hours of the track was a bit boring. Almost every one of us gets contact with leeches. I got two on my leg. Luckily mei ru notice them early. We manage to kill it by pouring salt onto them. Poor leechy.

The trekking took another 3 hours to reach the nice waterfall with nice scenery. We took a rest, have some snacks and give our best pose for photography and video section.

After a sun bathing section we trek again for another hour to reach our camp site. This time I felt a bit demotivated to continue. Maybe is because I had already cool down at the water spot after 5 to 6 hours of trekking.

We set up our camp site, become a kitchen helper, took bath at the water stream and had dinner during sunset. The food was great and thanks to ah Fong for planning and helping us to cook.

At night we slept in the fly ship and notice some cockroaches wondering around our fly ship in the middle of the night when I get up to pee. I had a lot of broken sleep that night but luckily I still feel quite energetic the next day.

The journey continues the next day. We began our day with porridge and coffee. We proceed at 10 am and plan to reach there by 2 p.m. I just can’t wait to experience the toughest trail of gunung rajah.

The sceneries of gunung rajah changes stage by stage. Due to the weather condition we began to see different flora and I enjoy taking photos the most during this part of the journey.

Almost the end of the journey, everyone in the team needs to carry at least 3 litters of water to the camp site at the peak. These mean 3 kg extra to our loads.

According to the source of information, the last part was a reality. We need to climb up a very steep rock using rope, holding on to tree roots and branches. I began to realize how much I love the tree roots and branches at the end. They are my best friend in this expedition. As much as I love this part when going up to the peak, I seriously hate this part when I come down the next day.

Reaching the peak was another satisfying and rewarding experience to each trekker. I reached the peak around 2.30 when it began to rain. I immediately change my clothes and put on the rain coat and help around to set the tent.

Dinner on top of the peak is an experience where money can’t buy. The scenery and the feeling of being on top of the world are unexplainable.

After dinner, came another down pour while we preparing for supper. We spend the night inside a fly ship playing games with tang. (The game we learned during the trip in to KK).

The journey ended the next day; we had our breakfast, group photos and dismantled the tent and came down from gunung rajah. The whole journey of coming down from Gunung Rajah took around 10 hours.

We ended our day with dinner and Desmond drove us home that night.

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  1. After reading thru', I finally find out what I have been missing. I gotta make plans to join in the next trip. Hopefully the mountain climbing won't kill my knees.