Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Acne is back!!

For years I’m having acne problem. I was blessed with oily
skin influence by  testosterone hormone. (
) Now I’m quite experience to notice it before it get worsen. Each year I will
have some acne problem coming back again at some period of time. 

Oral Medication Recommended: Roaccutane ( when it’s out of

Topical Medication Recommended: Retin A gel to unclog the

Dalacin T solution to kill bacteria

For topical medication I recommend that you use both of it.
Dalacin T solution to kill bacteria and retin A to unclog the pores that cause
acne problem. It would be a good idea to use topical medication in gel form
than cream .Cream form makes your face oily and become dirty easily especially
in a humid country like Malaysia.

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