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Thursday, November 8, 2007

It has to begin somewhere

Guess what I did today? I just signed up for Chin Woo Biathlon 2007 event, 800m and 7 k.m. run which will be happening on the 16th of December 2007. This will be the first race in my life. My aim is to complete it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What most of my friend doesn’t know about me?

Well my right foot is larger than my left foot by a size. It’s not a nice thing to have foot with a size larger than the other especially when you try to get a pair of shoe. For dancing shoe or high heel shoes, I will usually scarify my right foot by getting half a size smaller. If I care about my right foot when selecting dancing shoe my left foot will suffer a lot. It’s easy to sprain my ankle if the dancing shoe is loose. Same goes to bowling shoe. You shouldn’t have extra space in front of your toe, if you do have extra space; it is not stable when you try to slide.
  Well I finally pay to learn my lesson that it doesn’t work that way for my hiking boots. I bought a pair of timberland hiking shoes 2 months ago after my mulu trip. It was US 6.5, that’s my size as usual. I was eager to break in my hiking shoes and I went to Gunung Dato to try it out. It was quite comfortable at the beginning even though I felt my right foot feels a bit tight. I told myself it’s a new shoe, it’s suppose to feel that way because I haven’t break in yet.
The second time I used my hiking shoes was my trip to Surabaya, Mt Mahameru aka Mt Semeru. Walking around with it feels okay although I’m dying to take it out at the end of the day. I’m still at a denial stage that the shoe is not right for me.
The horrible part came true when I was descending Mt Mahameru. The ball of my feet is painful and the skin at the back of my right foot starts to peel. I change to my usual hiking shoes, the Kg Adidas hiking shoes. It helps but it’s a bit too late to do so. I have a plaster behind my right foot to ease the pain. The ball of my feet still painful, I can’t do anything else but to continue the journey.
The last time I wore was a shopping trip. As I was walking I finally realize what went wrong.
1)  I didn’t take care of the width of my foot when buying shoes.  Since I was a baby my relative always being label as a baby gal that have a big foot. It’s no wonder I start walking when I was barely 9 months. Anyway I don’t like the feeling of being label with big foot thingy. It’s not feminine at all. It makes me look rough physically. Sounds like CINDERELLA UGLY STEP SISTERS.  
2)  I didn’t’ re-measure my foot which I should have done when buying this shoes as my foot might grow bigger from the last time I bought my shoe.
3) I neglected my right foot which is bigger than my left foot.
 I guess I should try guy’s shoes too. Who knows that the smaller size of guys shoe might fit my feet. :)
My current shoes are up for sale as second hand thingy as I already bought a pair of hiking shoes again.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Coming Up, Our Friendship Anniversary with Siong Har and the gang

Time flies pretty fast, the first year anniversary of
getting to know siong har and the gang is coming up around 28th May . We start to get to know
them from a hiking trip at gunung angsi for our training, for gunung rajah expedition. From May 2006 onwards I’ve been hiking at
least once a month and I enjoy every trip together.

This time I guess we will be going to Bekelah waterfall to
celebrate 2 event, friendship anniversary and Gu Wen (feng shui master)

Back to Reality

After a week of breaking away from daily routine and the
hustle bustle of the city life, I’m back to work. Back to being serious with
things in life after a week of letting go and freely express myself at mulu. How
I felt about mulu still linger on especially my trip to the pinnacle, the
adventure caving and the curiosity of getting to know 12 strangers. Still more exciting
stories coming up in this blog, I’ll keep you guys update about my XPDC to
MULU, National Park.