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Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm a marathoner

Butt kicking finishing.

My latin hand

Yes i've completed my first marathon in singapore without much suffering and i'm really happy about it especially the fact that i manage to run with an even pace /even split from the start till the finishing.  More race report coming soon.
This is what i got from the result website:
NAME: Michelle Looi Mei Yan
EVENT: S&C Singapore Marathon
DATE: Sunday, December 7, 2008
BIB/DIV: 12314 / F2529
TIME: 4h:34m:58s (gun) / 4h:32m:4s (net)
Average Speed: 6 min 27 sec

First 10 km : 1 hour 5 min 5 sec (6:31 min/km)
Second 11 km : 1 hour 10 min 11 sec (6:23 min/km)
Third 9 km : 57 min 46 sec (6:25 min/km)
Last 12.195 km : 1 hour 19 min (6:29 min/km)

Who's who
Of the 12393 who finished, 15% were female and 85% were male.
Opposite Sex
For the record, you were ahead of about 88% of male finishers.
Timing Info (From 30Km to Finish)
You passed 694 runners
And 11 passed you

Result in Entire Field - 1480th place
Result in Gender (Female) - 187th place
Result in Division (F2529) - 38th place
NEXT TARGET : Negative Split for marathon

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not an Official marathoner yet.

My dream to become a marathoner is near. 42 km ? I never run such a long distance in my life before and I guess I seldom clock that mileage in a week during my training.
I'll be going to SG tomorrow and will run Singapore marathon on 7th December 2008. Looking back , I still remember a year ago , I signed up for Chin Woo biathlon , my first race ever, 7 km was a very high mileage for me that time and worried that I won't be able to complete the 7km run. A year has pass and I finally learned how to pace myself .
I'm not sure whether I will go again this year, I might want to cycle on that day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike Fitting

A properly fitting bike is essential for long-term comfort and reduce chances of injuries. Nick Flyger, Senior Biomechanist from the Nation Sports Institute has help me to set up my bike for triathlon for both time trial setup and traditional set up . This guy was recommended to me by Simon Cross when i have knee pain from cycling. Thanks to him , i do not have any knee pain from cycling anymore.

The charge will be RM150 per person. Nick will be using tried and tested software, video analysis and then provide you with a report . The great thing about doing this is that once you have your measurements forever and never need to do this again regardless how many times you change your bike. And you are welcome to book appointment again for free follow up if you not happy with the settings.

Nick Flyger
Senior Biomechanist

Monday, November 3, 2008

Swimming Training Session, 3rd November 2008

Bukit Jalil, 3rd November 2008 800p.m. - 930p.m.
Me , Bobby and Jeff Chin
Warm up
2 X 100 catch up , pull
Main Set
6 X 100 (slow, medium fast)
3 X 200
4 X 50 ( hand paddle)

1 X 100 m

A great weekend (31st October to 2nd November)

I'm seriously out of idea on what title to put. My weekend begins on friday where a group of triathlete (Ngae , Jenny and her friend, Me, Yit Thing,May Senn , Dr Ray and Tomatoman) went to the curve ,red box to sing . At the end we turn the karaoke room into a dance floor. We have lots of fun doing crazy stuff . If it's not because of the need to wake up early morning for the bike ride, I might dance the whole night cause i'm really in the mood to dance.
The next morning I force myself to wake up for a bike ride to salak Tinggi. This time , I did quite well compare to the previous week where Dr Ray have to wait for a long time under a bridge and KL P , R&R area. We did a 15 minutes run after the ride and of course I went home immediately after that to pay my sleep debt. Unfortunately I can't even nap for 45 minutes, as my brain keep telling me I have a lot of things to do. I need to bring my bike for a service, go to church and caroling practice. Caroling practice is a great experience for me but i'm quite tired to concentrate and ended up singing the wrong verse a few times.
On sunday morning, I force myself to wake up again for lsd run (25km) . We gather at bkt aman and I was quite surprise to see most of my training buddies are there. We started the run at 6.30 a.m . The first 3 km was a fast pace set by dr Ray and Siok Bee. I decided to slow down as planned ( ) . I was running alone. It wasn't fun to run alone and talking to yourself but then again I really need to do what i've planned to do.
Late afternoon and evening, I alter the powerman t-shirt as I'm not satisfied with the size they gave. It was a huge S size t-shirt. I just wish there are times I don't have to alter any race t-shirt but I don't mind doing it because :
  1. I love the clothes sell in Roxy but it's too expensive to buy it here in malaysia. I became a copy cat , stealing ideas and turning it into my own design.
  2. I love to look feminine as most of the race t-shirt designs are for guys and I don't like to wear guys t-shirt.
  3. Practice what my mom has taught me since I'm young. Every time she saw what i've modified, she was impress and proud of it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Swimming Training Session, 29th October 2008

Bukit Jalil, 22 October 2008 700p.m. - 900 p.m.
PK's son (Chin Hoe) Bobby ,Michelle , Emma, Siok Bee, Ngan,  Alex, Keat Seong , simon cross+(a new ang moh, I think her name is Bridget )+ The powerswim coach
Warm up
4 X 50 m 6 kicks 4 pulls
Main Set
6 X 100 (slow, medium fast)
1X100 (easy)

1 X 100 (front sculling)
1 X 100 (middle sculling)
1 X 100 (back sculling)

Cool Down
3 X 100 m

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Swimming Training Session, 22 October 2008

Bukit Jalil, 22 October 2008 700p.m. - 900 p.m.
PK's son (Chin Hoe) Bobby ,Michelle , Emma, Siok Bee, Ngan, Ngae, Alex, Keat Seong , simon cross+(a new ang moh, I think her name is Bridget )+ The powerswim coach
Warm up
4X50 6 fist drill
4X50 side kick
Main Set
6 X 300 m
1 X 100 m easy swim
3 X 100 with pull buoy
3 X 100 without pull buoy (to check the time different with and without pull buoy)
1 X 200 with pull buoy
1 X 200 without pull buoy
Cool Down
1 X 100 m
3700 m

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swimming Training Session 15 October 2008

Bukit Jalil, 15 October 2008 730 -930 p.m.
Michelle , Emma, Siok Bee, Ngan, Ngae, Alex, Keat Seong + Peh and the powerswim coach

Warm up

I was late, no drills for me for the first set

Main Set
4 X 400 m
1 X 100 m
6 X 50 head up with pull buoy
Lack of upper body strength for this drill , my arms are very tired at the end of this drill.
1 X 100m

Speed Work
2 X 50 m with emma
(PB ! 47 s)
I love this part even though I complained a lot. It test how well I can sprint when my arms are fatigue.

Cool Down
1 X 100 m

Total : 2500 m

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Swimming Training Session, 13 October 2008

Bukit Jalil, 13 October 2008 830 -1030 p.m.
Michelle , Bobby
(You are welcome to join us)
Warm up

2 X 25m side kick
2 X 25 m normal swim

Main Set
3 X 500m, (Bobby did 3 X 600m)
2 X 400m

Cool Down
1 X 100 m

Total 2800 m

Monday, October 6, 2008

Blog ethics

One thing I love about multiply is you can select who you want your article to be read , as an IT personnel I was constantly reminded on blog ethics. One mistake to publish your thoughts to everyone to read can lead you to a lot of unwanted embarrassment. True enough, I learned my lesson well.
1. Publish as fact only that which you believe to be true.
2. If material exists online, link to it when you reference it.
3. Publicly correct any misinformation.
4. Write each entry as if it could not be changed; add to, but do not rewrite or delete, any entry.
5. Disclose any conflict of interest.
6. Note questionable and biased sources.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pacemakers Track Meet 21/09/2008

Yesterday track meet was a great experience for me, although I ended up asking stupid question to Raymond Ng aka mr Tomatoman at the beginning of the track meet. This is what I asked :
Mich (looking at Men 400m run): I signed up for 800m, so where is the finishing line for 800m
Tomatoman : Run 2 round.They will let you know when to stop.
I guess his heart was thinking, “you never watch Olympic izzit ?“ Anyway I won 800m women open and to my surprise CCChoi and shih Ming was betting who's going to win in 800m. Thanks Shih Ming for supporting me.
The next event is 4 x 400m after a long break from 800m. We are the only mixed team (me, Shih Ming, Raymond Hee and Lee) and I think we did quite well. All my team mates gave their best to run 400 m , unfortunately we do not have other mixed team competitor. We were second last. :D

Friday, August 22, 2008

A new place to run.

Woke up on Thursday morning and found myself lack of training for running on weekdays. Rushing to Tasik Permaisuri, cheras  to run is a real hassle as my work finish at 6 p.m. I need to find some place nearer to run. I run alone on weekdays morning and find my running doesn't really improve much. Honestly speaking , I need someone better to pace me.
I found out Ronnie ( trains at Lake Garden during the weekdays. My first thought is they are strong runner . Emm nevermind, I just have to set my own target. I had 3 targets yesterday for 5 X2.3 km loop. First target, follow as long as possible. When first target fail, make sure I can see them running. Now I feel like a donkey chasing a few carrots. I'll keep running to catch up with the carrots. Eventually the second target /aim failed . I could no longer see the carrots. My last aim to make me run faster , “Keep running, don't let the carrots overlap you” . And of course the third one is successful because the loop is too big to be overlapped. :P
Finally I finished when the sky is dark , Ronnie helps me to take my time (67minutes 39 seconds) . Thanks a lot. Next time i'll remember to bring my watch. We did some light stretching . At the same time Ameba pass us each a bottle of Gatorade . She “belanja” us cause she won last week. Thanks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pacemaker Anniversary Run 2008

As usual after every race I need to write a short report about the race. I would say pacemaker anniversary run is a fun race where runners get together to run , to chit chat, get to know each other or maybe plan to create a team for future relay run. And of course, the team that I have for PAR 2008 was arranged by Ronnie ( and ( 

At first our group are quite worry about the last runner , Fazli as he was late for PAR. Not to say he really want to be late . It's because he has time trial in PJ before PAR. Anyway we really appreciate that he rush here for PAR and make things happened. :D
I was the first runner and I ask Fadhli the second runner to look out for after 15 minutes. I was quite nervous to start at first knowing that I need to do speed work the moment I start. Luckily I warm up with Michele Tan before I start. I feel great. My stride and breathing was smooth. The transition from to the second runner is clean and smooth. Fadhli really knows how to take the baton from me. Good experience for me as this is my first time doing relay run with people


Fadhli run as hard as he could and he looks like he is going to puke when he reached the finishing line. Luckily he didn't puke or fainted. Phew.........
Next will be Kevin, my captain . He thinks we can make it to top 10 and I was wondering whether we have any special prize for top 10 ..emmmm...

And the last one is Fazli , this guy is really a fast runner. Finally we make it top 10 and our position is...........tA dAaaaa NO 10

  1. 1' 01.11 - Team 2 Beat :
    16’46 > 0' 16.46 - Michelle Looi Mei Yan (Female)
    15’30 > 0' 32.16 - Muhamad Fadhli Bin Muhamad Fadzil
    15’42 > 0' 47.58 - Kevin Chow, Pm32 (Captain)
    13’13 > 1' 01.11 - Fazli Bin Abu Bakar
Special thanks to:
Ronnie See the Race Director
Photographer : Tey Eng Tiong
Photographer : Chan Wing Kai
Race Supervisor : Rachel Lee
Speaker Man : Kelvin Ng
Video Man : Jamie Pang
Result Auditor : Lai Fong Sang
Motorbike Escort : Datuk Yaziz
Time Keeper : Tan Sri Rohaizad
Time Keeper : Julie Wong
Time Keeper : Dinesh Kumaran
Time Keeper : Eng Seok Jiun
Time Keeper : Grace Tok
Check Point : Lim Pueh Tian
Check Point : Lee Wai Lam
Check Point : Ng Ping Loong
Water Station : Tan Ping Ping
Friuts Station : Adam Loh
Food Station : Teng Sin Lan
General Helper : Frank Chong
General Helper : Kenny Tan

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am officially a triathlete

Swim, Bike , Run
(** photo snap by**)
You are officially a triathlete” , one of the tri buddies told me that when I cross the finishing line on sunday, 11 May 2008. Oh well I am a triathlete after the sprint event on saturday. It was a last minute decision to join the sprint event as warm up before the olympic distant triathlon . And guess what.. I got 3rd placing for women 17 – 34 in sprint event
10th May 2008 , 1030-1345
Siok Bee came and pick me up after fetching Emma from PJ and then we proceed to ESSO station at MMR 2 to pick up Julie ( I hope I got the spelling correct). We proceed to Sg Besi toll to meet Raymond, DR Rum, Yit Thing, Yip the ultramarathon runner and Barry the youngest ironman in malaysia to convoy to melaka . About half an hour drive from the meeting point I receive an sms from Arif about the accident in front .He advised us to use an alternative route. It was too late , we were stuck in the JAM from NILai to Seremban exit.
10th May 2008 , 1400 – 1630
At last we reach a famosa resort after exiting Tampin and enduring all the boredom in a traffic jam. We rush to the registration counter . Me, Emma and Dr Rum decided to join the sprint event while queuing up to register. Last minute , right ? We had lunch at the restaurant and we finally check in to the Villa. As fast as we can, we change to our tri suits , take our helmet, running and bike shoes, googles, race belt, water and jump into siok bee's car and rush to the starting point. Would really like to say thank you to siok bee for helping us to pump our bike, carry our stuff and helping me to take photos. :D
10th May 2008 , 1630-1800
ooh Yes I finish the sprint. My swimming took around 13 minutes, cycling around 40 minutes and running around 18 minutes. I got a medal and a trophy for this event because the 2nd placing gal was disqualified as she did not complete 2 loops for the bike discipline. Thanks for being so honest.
10th May 2008 , 1800
There isn't much to report at this hour. Jeffrey Chin's friend came and join us as our room mates . They are competing for tomorrow triathlon relay event. Around dinner time we went to cowboy town in afamosa for carbo loading dinner. After the dinner the gals sleep quite early . Me and Emma was having headache and we wish the headache will go away by tomorrow morning.
11th May 2008 0545 – 0745
Woke up at 0545 and get ready for the race. Thank goodness the headache went away. We had our breakfast, put on our tri suits and gave all our bags to Dr Rum and we cycle to the transition area. (the starting point). On the way to the transition area I met up with Terry and he ask me “Did you bring gel?” . I was kind of confuse about the gel thingy, I thought he was talking about vaseline or body glide ,an anti chaffing stick. He repeated his question again and this time I knew he was talking about powerbar gel and he ask me whether I know where to stick it to the bike. “oh yes , I know”. He went off. In my heart I was actually thinking, even if I put a packet of gel on my bike I don't have the skill to eat it while cycling.
11th May 2008 0800- 1130
The race begins with swimming. Starting of the race was not a rush and wasn't as scary as what everyone claim. Unfortunately when I reach the first turning point , I swam near to the buoy . This is the most crowded place where every swimmer decided to swim near to the buoy to get the shortest distant possible. And this is where I got choke as someone press my head a few times. I couldn't breathe and I was a bit panic. Luckily I manage to remain calm and continue swimming. Every 10-12 stroke I look in front at the big buoy to ensure I swim in a straight line. Finally after the first loop , I begin to accustom to swim in the open water and I manage to swim as if i'm in the swimming pool. I remember my stroke and begin to concentrate on it. After 36 minutes I came out from the water. Errr not within my targeted time. I targeted 30 minutes. Anyway it was a good experience for me. I learned a lot from this swim.
The next discipline is the bike, from swim to bike transition is quite smooth . My swim time will give a head start for bike. After 5 minutes on the bike, Emma overtook me, 35 minutes Arif overtook me at the u turn and siok bee overtook me after 1 hour. Really need to improve on my bike. Anyway I did a good time and i'm quite happy with my time 1 hour 28 minutes.
The last discipline is the run , from bike to run transition was a mess as I need to hang my bike, take out everything, shoes, helmet, sunglasses. I can't stand properly to take out the bike shoes. My balance was bad. I took the powerbar gel, put on my running shoes and start running. First 5 minutes was a slow run as my breathing and my heart rate is quite high and heavy .Then I spotted a guy in front of me that have a slightly faster running pace than me. I follow him from the guard house till the finishing line. It was fun as his pace is quite consistent. I finish my run in 52 minutes. Phew......... I saw mr tomato man running around with my camera taking photos of me running towards the finishing line. The MC of the day announce Here come “Michelle Yeoh... from malaysia..” :( . Hey i'm michelle looi.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Labour Day Brick Training

The Broga Ride 26/04/2008

yES yEs Yes i'm very proud I completed this ride. As a beginners I might sounds a little bit crazy to you for riding 139 km under the hot sun over a few long hilly road. I spent 6 hours and 17 minutes on the bike. Ohh well back to the same old story, if Vong didn't accompany us (me and may senn) or sweeping us , we might end up cycling for 7 hours because we were mentally tired towards the end of the ride. Day dreaming is my favorite past time at that moment.
Well to begin with I actually feel bad to cancel (ffk) my brick training with Raymond Ng and Dr Ray aka Dr Rum. I know ,I know u guys are quite envy about the broga ride that I went. Okay some rum ice cream for peace offering, kay ? :D . Anyway how often I have chance to cycle this loop and the best thing of all, there is a support car in case someone gave up.
The journey begins at 7. I drove to Pekan 18 which is just 15 minutes drive from my house. I didn't really jot down the time we start to ride but according to darren ( we started to ride at 7.45 . I would said i'm quite excited but at the same time, I try my best to conserved energy . I tak nak koyak towards the end of the ride. And I don't want to go into the support car cause it means I did not finish. :( .We finish the ride at 3.55 p.m and went to a malay food stall to have ice kacang and rojak .
(Have to summarize the whole thing as I do not have time to write in details, for more info please read daren's blog and one more thing after this ride siok bee asked me not to tell people i'm a beginners anymore) :P

Calculator Vs Mobile Phone keypad

just wondering, have you use the calculator so often that when you press your mobile phone numeric keypad you always press the wrong number?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OMG I signed up aGain !!!!

I can't believe I'm climbing volcano for 2nd time too..... still remember during the climb at Mt. Semeru.. I swear to myself no more mt. volcano....... Rinjani.... please don't give me tough time “ this is the exact phrase Soi Fung aka Tang commented .
I still remember the Mt Semeru trip . I cannot believe the journey ended at the peak as I almost wanted to give up , 500 m before the peak .Yes you heard it correctly, it's 500 m before the peak. How did I survive walking 1 step at a time to reach the peak ? In total we walk around 20 hours not including the break at the camp site , our breakfast , dinner and lunch. Most of us ended up with blister on our feet or swollen feet.
We swear never to hike any mt volcano in our entire life. But why are we back again ? We like to suffer ? To test our endurance ? Or because we are addicted to the endorphine hormone release into our system ?
OMG ...I really cannot believe I signed up again.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I reserved this date 17, 18 and 19 of May 2008 for hiking

I miss the trees , fungus, flowers and waterfall. And most of all I miss the feeling of being away from city live. I don't really know where to go yet but I reserved this 3 days for hiking . My wish list will be Gunung Yong Belar.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orange run 13042008

9km or 10 km ? That's the question that pops up in every runner brain when they finish. To be exact is 9.9 k.m according to Siok Bee's watch. Finally i'm happy with my time. I did it in 55 minutes ++ .
Siok Bee, Shih Ming and MaryAnn won some petrol voucher and since shih Ming won some cash voucher she treats us breakfast after the run.
No special reports on orange run apart from running on a wet floor and running without knowing how many km more to run. There's only one water station which I think is sufficient on a cold rainy Sunday.
Photo snap  by
Photo grab from Jason Lee (pacesetters photographer)

Photos taken from : . Thanks for the photo.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Longest Sunday Road Ride – Ride to Coal Stone/ Batu Arang

Huh....where am I ? I guess I overslept . I woke up and found out it's only 9.30 p.m , sunday night. I initially thought it was monday morning. You might want to know why I slept from 4.30 p.m till 9.30 p.m which is the longest afternoon nap I took ever since I started working.
Earlier of the day, I woke up at 5.30 a.m to get ready to meet up with pcc group for a ride to Batu Arang. Since i'm a newbie I decided to choose option 2 where I have an option to U turn back at the petronas in Ijok and the mileage is only 80k.m instead of 110km ride to batu arang but I ended up taking option 1 (50km mileage) during the briefing as there isn't any group taking option 2.
As usual, the ride starts on time and this my chance to apply what i've learned last thursday during the beginners ride at putrajaya. At the beginning everything is easy especially from Centre Point to Kota Damansara and of course i'm quite happy to be able to draft until I reach the traffic lights and drop out from the group when trying to clip the clipless pedal again. Alright time to get back into the group again by increasing the speed to 30km/hour. “errr..arhh.. sTiLL canNot....” This time I increase it to 33km/hour, I wanted to give up being in the group but the traffic is too heavy for me to ride alone. I don't know where am I,when one of the PCC's rider , Terry ride besides me and told me “it's easy to ride in a group, try to follow?“ . I've been trying to get into the group for few thousand minutes ago until I realize their speed is not realistic for me to keep up. At times I wish a dog would chase me from behind so that I can get back into the group again. :(

Tadaaaaaa.... I reached the turn off at Guthrie Corridor and i'm suppose to wait for Nabil the ride leader for option 1 when Bernard Tan was teasing me about choosing option 1 and I told him there isn't option 2 for me to choose. Mac over heard the conversation and volunteer to accompany me to take option 2. It's so nice of him to be the ride leader for option 2 and the ride to ijok is fun as the pace he set for me is not hard for me.

When we reached petronas station at Ijok, the earlier group were already there chit-chating and resting. For me the first thing I did was to swallow a bottle of water and a bottle of 100 plus thinking that i'm a camel trap inside a human body

“Michelle why not continue the ride until batu arang ?” , PK the ride leader and organizer for this ride asked me . “Errr... I can still continue but I have to cycle the speed that i'm comfortable with” that's the only answer as pk and mac ensure me that they will cycle with me to batu arang. Finally I reached batu arang feeling hungry and thirsty. My theory to store water before the ride doesn't really work. I had 2 half boil eggs, 1 wan tan mee , 1 milo ice and 1 barley ice for breakfast which is quite hard for me to digest.

Going back is very tiring for me ,a few km of ride feels like eternity . I starts to imagine parking my car near Guthrie Corridor or somewhere near kota damansara. I really appreciate Vong encouragement and sweeping the last rider which is ME !. Without the sweeper I guess I might take a taxi to Centre Point BU to collect my car after Guthrie Corridor Highway.

The journey ended at where I started and every rider at centre point are clapping and cheering for me . I was smiling away and reminding myself to unclip the pedal as the news of me falling down from the bike due to failure to unclipped the pedal at Ijok travel faster than the wind.

Special Thanks to :
  • PCC riders
  • the ride leader PK.
  • Vong, Mac, PK and Terry to ensure that I wasn't too far behind from the group and lost somewhere .

Sunday, March 30, 2008

My first Half Marathon , KLIM 30/03/2008 6.a.m.

4 a.m at bukit aman car park ? I'm so early. The reason why I reach so early is because i'm afraid I make a wrong turning into dataran merdeka again. Another reason is i'm actually doing a charity run with hitz dot fm morning crew JJ and Rudy. They manage to collect RM 8000 from all the volunteers including JJ and Rudy . It's sponsored by nike, each km I run , RM 10 will be donated to charity and at the same time nike sponsored the volunteers a nice running jersey. I got a purple (my fav color) color running jersey.
I met up with a few classmates on that day, Sook Mei and Chee Mei. Sook Mei is doing half marathon and Chee Mei is doing 10 k run. Anyway back to the race report, I was anxiously waiting for the time to start and when it starts I regret that I didn't stand in front and I have to walk slowly to the chip sensor that creates a bottle neck. Water stations is quite sufficient and I manage to maintain my targeted pace at most of the water station.
I can say the most boring route for my half marathon will be Jln Sg Besi, TUDM airport, the longest flat road I ever run. Flat as a pancake. Feels like a never ending road. And of course my favourite moment is when I pass by my office at Jln Sultan Ismail at 8:02. I know i'm going to reach very soon and in front of me there is Adidas Water Sprinkle System to cool me down.
Another 3km to go and I have to increase my speed gradually and I reach the finishing line in 2 hours and 17 minutes. 2 minutes above my targeted time. Anyway I'm quite happy with it as this is my first half marathon and my first international race.

Special Thanks to :
AM Bank the organizer
Mom and Dad for providing me lunch and dinner at home a day before the race.
Nike for the running jersey and charity funds.
Photographers that I beg them to snap 1 photo for me as I desperately need some photos to update my scrap book. If you got my photos pls email me at
Bernard Tan for the sport watch and phiten as I don't have budget to get a sports watch this month.
Traffic police for their duty to ensure smooth traffics
Volunteers at the water station, first aid and adidas cheer leaders.

My Results :
Total Ranking : 34/157
Overall Ranking : 64/ (anyone know how many half marathoners? )
Chip Time :2:15:48
Official Time:2:17:29
1KM: 0:12:35
10KM: 1:17:59

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I ended up with triathlon training plan ?

When I first started my swimming session at bukit jalil with my coach peh. I never had an intention to join triathlon event or any running races. I joined the session because of a need to swim in open water as my friend aka lai ma promised to bring me to surf at cherating during monsoon season. Anyway I don't know what happen to his plan.
After 2 weeks of joining the session , I suggested to myself why not give yourself a try in triathlon event. So I started calling ah siong (marathon runners) to tell him my intention to train to run and since then I started running twice a week. That time I planned to joined the first 10 k running event in 2008. Unfortunately the first running event of 2008 is GE 30 K and the minimum mileage to run is 20 k. Anyway I signed up and begin to worry that I might get knee injury. Fortunate enough my knee is okay but I have lower back ache after the race.
Months of training for swimming and running , suddenly I heard Adrian ( and Coach Peh mention about Chin Woo biathlon that require participant to swim for 800m and run for 7 km. I was so eager to join as I know I need to start somewhere. I start browsing the Internet for it and I found the form. I signed up and I fax the form to Don Khor. I had a good overall finishing time and I'm happy with it.
And now my final destination is bike.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Eastern Pacesetters 20km 20/01/2008 (Second run after Chin Woo biathlon)

It was 5.15 a.m, ah Siong my mentor for running pick me and we car pool Tasik Perdana Kuala Lumpur. Parking place is really limited and we have to park miles away from the starting line. Is not a problem for us as we can warm up by walking to the starting line.
pOnggggg!! The first siren was heard and that’s the flag off for 30km category. I have ample of time to warm up , report myself and get ready for 20 km category
My race starts at 6.30. The first 5km was fun and relax. It’s dark and cold and I keep a slow and steady pace of 6.5 minutes per km as I will have a long way to go and the race route is quite hilly.
After crossing the highway and heading to sri hartamas, around 7k.m, I was only surrounded by 20km male participant. Obviously there are 3 male participant : 1 female participant in this category. Correct me if I’m wrong. 1 km before reaching plaza damas , I saw the first 30km male participant at the opposite direction of the road heading back to the finishing line route.
Further down is plaza damas, I can’t wait to turn back to the opposite direction. As I need to run a few hundred meters more, I change my pace to medium pace and the road after petronas station is killing me. It’s the steepest hill I run for this race. After reaching the highest point I walk and run down hill to the water station. The first station I saw is a powerbar gel station and it’s only given out free for 30km participant. It doesn’t matter to me as I don’t want to eat anything at that moment. If it’s given free to me I might just take home and keep it for my next hiking trip.:)
On my way back at the opposite direction that I mentioned just now, I saw my swim mate, Adrian, Simon , Jeff, Cheras pacesetter members and FHLim. We had lots of fun calling and waving to each other. At that moment I was searching for Anna Khor but to my surpise I saw Freddy running for 20km, male category.
Here come the most tiring part, It’s 4km before the finishing line. Legs are heavy, burning sensation can be felt on both of my feet.It test my endurance at this moment, I switch to super duper slow mode which is walking , running and walking again, until I saw the last km. I jog all the way till the last 200m and run as fast as I could to the finishing line and raised my arms . Tey snaps a few shots of me. That’s the most precious photo of the entire month. My position is 32 for women open 20km. and I guess my time is around 2 hours 15 -30 minutes. I’m still waiting for the official results. I took my medal and I saw Freddy at the finishing line. He took his medal and we queued up for powerbar endurance drink . I have to admit that I am very thirsty. That’s all for the race report and Terence is treating me Sake Sushi as a reward for completing the race.
Special Thanks to
Pacesetter Club
Mr Tey and his photography team
Ah Siong for bringing me there.