Sunday, January 20, 2008

Great Eastern Pacesetters 20km 20/01/2008 (Second run after Chin Woo biathlon)

It was 5.15 a.m, ah Siong my mentor for running pick me and we car pool Tasik Perdana Kuala Lumpur. Parking place is really limited and we have to park miles away from the starting line. Is not a problem for us as we can warm up by walking to the starting line.
pOnggggg!! The first siren was heard and that’s the flag off for 30km category. I have ample of time to warm up , report myself and get ready for 20 km category
My race starts at 6.30. The first 5km was fun and relax. It’s dark and cold and I keep a slow and steady pace of 6.5 minutes per km as I will have a long way to go and the race route is quite hilly.
After crossing the highway and heading to sri hartamas, around 7k.m, I was only surrounded by 20km male participant. Obviously there are 3 male participant : 1 female participant in this category. Correct me if I’m wrong. 1 km before reaching plaza damas , I saw the first 30km male participant at the opposite direction of the road heading back to the finishing line route.
Further down is plaza damas, I can’t wait to turn back to the opposite direction. As I need to run a few hundred meters more, I change my pace to medium pace and the road after petronas station is killing me. It’s the steepest hill I run for this race. After reaching the highest point I walk and run down hill to the water station. The first station I saw is a powerbar gel station and it’s only given out free for 30km participant. It doesn’t matter to me as I don’t want to eat anything at that moment. If it’s given free to me I might just take home and keep it for my next hiking trip.:)
On my way back at the opposite direction that I mentioned just now, I saw my swim mate, Adrian, Simon , Jeff, Cheras pacesetter members and FHLim. We had lots of fun calling and waving to each other. At that moment I was searching for Anna Khor but to my surpise I saw Freddy running for 20km, male category.
Here come the most tiring part, It’s 4km before the finishing line. Legs are heavy, burning sensation can be felt on both of my feet.It test my endurance at this moment, I switch to super duper slow mode which is walking , running and walking again, until I saw the last km. I jog all the way till the last 200m and run as fast as I could to the finishing line and raised my arms . Tey snaps a few shots of me. That’s the most precious photo of the entire month. My position is 32 for women open 20km. and I guess my time is around 2 hours 15 -30 minutes. I’m still waiting for the official results. I took my medal and I saw Freddy at the finishing line. He took his medal and we queued up for powerbar endurance drink . I have to admit that I am very thirsty. That’s all for the race report and Terence is treating me Sake Sushi as a reward for completing the race.
Special Thanks to
Pacesetter Club
Mr Tey and his photography team
Ah Siong for bringing me there.