Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why I ended up with triathlon training plan ?

When I first started my swimming session at bukit jalil with my coach peh. I never had an intention to join triathlon event or any running races. I joined the session because of a need to swim in open water as my friend aka lai ma promised to bring me to surf at cherating during monsoon season. Anyway I don't know what happen to his plan.
After 2 weeks of joining the session , I suggested to myself why not give yourself a try in triathlon event. So I started calling ah siong (marathon runners) to tell him my intention to train to run and since then I started running twice a week. That time I planned to joined the first 10 k running event in 2008. Unfortunately the first running event of 2008 is GE 30 K and the minimum mileage to run is 20 k. Anyway I signed up and begin to worry that I might get knee injury. Fortunate enough my knee is okay but I have lower back ache after the race.
Months of training for swimming and running , suddenly I heard Adrian ( and Coach Peh mention about Chin Woo biathlon that require participant to swim for 800m and run for 7 km. I was so eager to join as I know I need to start somewhere. I start browsing the Internet for it and I found the form. I signed up and I fax the form to Don Khor. I had a good overall finishing time and I'm happy with it.
And now my final destination is bike.


  1. Wow!...congratulation...u make it.
    Well..after Bukit Putih trip, I had to train hard...after CNY...gain weight liao.

  2. btw if u are going to mt kk other peak e.g ugly sis, king edward , don't forget to inform me. I want to try.

  3. This coming 1st May to 4th May, I'll leading my sport club (23 paxs) climing Mt.KK via Mesilau trail but not to Mt.King Edward trail. (pending leave approval)
    Well inform u, if we're going there or other interesting places. Anyway, I'll be transfer to Ho Chin Mhing, Vietnam working there very soon.