Sunday, March 30, 2008

My first Half Marathon , KLIM 30/03/2008 6.a.m.

4 a.m at bukit aman car park ? I'm so early. The reason why I reach so early is because i'm afraid I make a wrong turning into dataran merdeka again. Another reason is i'm actually doing a charity run with hitz dot fm morning crew JJ and Rudy. They manage to collect RM 8000 from all the volunteers including JJ and Rudy . It's sponsored by nike, each km I run , RM 10 will be donated to charity and at the same time nike sponsored the volunteers a nice running jersey. I got a purple (my fav color) color running jersey.
I met up with a few classmates on that day, Sook Mei and Chee Mei. Sook Mei is doing half marathon and Chee Mei is doing 10 k run. Anyway back to the race report, I was anxiously waiting for the time to start and when it starts I regret that I didn't stand in front and I have to walk slowly to the chip sensor that creates a bottle neck. Water stations is quite sufficient and I manage to maintain my targeted pace at most of the water station.
I can say the most boring route for my half marathon will be Jln Sg Besi, TUDM airport, the longest flat road I ever run. Flat as a pancake. Feels like a never ending road. And of course my favourite moment is when I pass by my office at Jln Sultan Ismail at 8:02. I know i'm going to reach very soon and in front of me there is Adidas Water Sprinkle System to cool me down.
Another 3km to go and I have to increase my speed gradually and I reach the finishing line in 2 hours and 17 minutes. 2 minutes above my targeted time. Anyway I'm quite happy with it as this is my first half marathon and my first international race.

Special Thanks to :
AM Bank the organizer
Mom and Dad for providing me lunch and dinner at home a day before the race.
Nike for the running jersey and charity funds.
Photographers that I beg them to snap 1 photo for me as I desperately need some photos to update my scrap book. If you got my photos pls email me at
Bernard Tan for the sport watch and phiten as I don't have budget to get a sports watch this month.
Traffic police for their duty to ensure smooth traffics
Volunteers at the water station, first aid and adidas cheer leaders.

My Results :
Total Ranking : 34/157
Overall Ranking : 64/ (anyone know how many half marathoners? )
Chip Time :2:15:48
Official Time:2:17:29
1KM: 0:12:35
10KM: 1:17:59


  1. try to sub 2...this is u next goal.

  2. long long way to go. I'll slowly aim for it. :D

  3. aiya....sub 2 no need slow slow fast aim n do it,if u can sub 1:50..cari makan liao

  4. emm... good idea, i should continue half marathon thingy until i can get sub 2.

  5. well done michelle! pls sms me jeffreys hp no to 0129757701 - i need to contact him re" a'famosa accommodation - thanks!

  6. Well done, mich!
    nice to meet you too.
    Congrats on your first half marathon and your timing is good.