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TMBT 2011

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OMG I signed up aGain !!!!

I can't believe I'm climbing volcano for 2nd time too..... still remember during the climb at Mt. Semeru.. I swear to myself no more mt. volcano....... Rinjani.... please don't give me tough time “ this is the exact phrase Soi Fung aka Tang commented .
I still remember the Mt Semeru trip . I cannot believe the journey ended at the peak as I almost wanted to give up , 500 m before the peak .Yes you heard it correctly, it's 500 m before the peak. How did I survive walking 1 step at a time to reach the peak ? In total we walk around 20 hours not including the break at the camp site , our breakfast , dinner and lunch. Most of us ended up with blister on our feet or swollen feet.
We swear never to hike any mt volcano in our entire life. But why are we back again ? We like to suffer ? To test our endurance ? Or because we are addicted to the endorphine hormone release into our system ?
OMG ...I really cannot believe I signed up again.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I reserved this date 17, 18 and 19 of May 2008 for hiking

I miss the trees , fungus, flowers and waterfall. And most of all I miss the feeling of being away from city live. I don't really know where to go yet but I reserved this 3 days for hiking . My wish list will be Gunung Yong Belar.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Orange run 13042008

9km or 10 km ? That's the question that pops up in every runner brain when they finish. To be exact is 9.9 k.m according to Siok Bee's watch. Finally i'm happy with my time. I did it in 55 minutes ++ .
Siok Bee, Shih Ming and MaryAnn won some petrol voucher and since shih Ming won some cash voucher she treats us breakfast after the run.
No special reports on orange run apart from running on a wet floor and running without knowing how many km more to run. There's only one water station which I think is sufficient on a cold rainy Sunday.
Photo snap  by
Photo grab from Jason Lee (pacesetters photographer)

Photos taken from : . Thanks for the photo.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Longest Sunday Road Ride – Ride to Coal Stone/ Batu Arang

Huh....where am I ? I guess I overslept . I woke up and found out it's only 9.30 p.m , sunday night. I initially thought it was monday morning. You might want to know why I slept from 4.30 p.m till 9.30 p.m which is the longest afternoon nap I took ever since I started working.
Earlier of the day, I woke up at 5.30 a.m to get ready to meet up with pcc group for a ride to Batu Arang. Since i'm a newbie I decided to choose option 2 where I have an option to U turn back at the petronas in Ijok and the mileage is only 80k.m instead of 110km ride to batu arang but I ended up taking option 1 (50km mileage) during the briefing as there isn't any group taking option 2.
As usual, the ride starts on time and this my chance to apply what i've learned last thursday during the beginners ride at putrajaya. At the beginning everything is easy especially from Centre Point to Kota Damansara and of course i'm quite happy to be able to draft until I reach the traffic lights and drop out from the group when trying to clip the clipless pedal again. Alright time to get back into the group again by increasing the speed to 30km/hour. “errr..arhh.. sTiLL canNot....” This time I increase it to 33km/hour, I wanted to give up being in the group but the traffic is too heavy for me to ride alone. I don't know where am I,when one of the PCC's rider , Terry ride besides me and told me “it's easy to ride in a group, try to follow?“ . I've been trying to get into the group for few thousand minutes ago until I realize their speed is not realistic for me to keep up. At times I wish a dog would chase me from behind so that I can get back into the group again. :(

Tadaaaaaa.... I reached the turn off at Guthrie Corridor and i'm suppose to wait for Nabil the ride leader for option 1 when Bernard Tan was teasing me about choosing option 1 and I told him there isn't option 2 for me to choose. Mac over heard the conversation and volunteer to accompany me to take option 2. It's so nice of him to be the ride leader for option 2 and the ride to ijok is fun as the pace he set for me is not hard for me.

When we reached petronas station at Ijok, the earlier group were already there chit-chating and resting. For me the first thing I did was to swallow a bottle of water and a bottle of 100 plus thinking that i'm a camel trap inside a human body

“Michelle why not continue the ride until batu arang ?” , PK the ride leader and organizer for this ride asked me . “Errr... I can still continue but I have to cycle the speed that i'm comfortable with” that's the only answer as pk and mac ensure me that they will cycle with me to batu arang. Finally I reached batu arang feeling hungry and thirsty. My theory to store water before the ride doesn't really work. I had 2 half boil eggs, 1 wan tan mee , 1 milo ice and 1 barley ice for breakfast which is quite hard for me to digest.

Going back is very tiring for me ,a few km of ride feels like eternity . I starts to imagine parking my car near Guthrie Corridor or somewhere near kota damansara. I really appreciate Vong encouragement and sweeping the last rider which is ME !. Without the sweeper I guess I might take a taxi to Centre Point BU to collect my car after Guthrie Corridor Highway.

The journey ended at where I started and every rider at centre point are clapping and cheering for me . I was smiling away and reminding myself to unclip the pedal as the news of me falling down from the bike due to failure to unclipped the pedal at Ijok travel faster than the wind.

Special Thanks to :
  • PCC riders
  • the ride leader PK.
  • Vong, Mac, PK and Terry to ensure that I wasn't too far behind from the group and lost somewhere .