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Monday, May 12, 2008

I am officially a triathlete

Swim, Bike , Run
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You are officially a triathlete” , one of the tri buddies told me that when I cross the finishing line on sunday, 11 May 2008. Oh well I am a triathlete after the sprint event on saturday. It was a last minute decision to join the sprint event as warm up before the olympic distant triathlon . And guess what.. I got 3rd placing for women 17 – 34 in sprint event
10th May 2008 , 1030-1345
Siok Bee came and pick me up after fetching Emma from PJ and then we proceed to ESSO station at MMR 2 to pick up Julie ( I hope I got the spelling correct). We proceed to Sg Besi toll to meet Raymond, DR Rum, Yit Thing, Yip the ultramarathon runner and Barry the youngest ironman in malaysia to convoy to melaka . About half an hour drive from the meeting point I receive an sms from Arif about the accident in front .He advised us to use an alternative route. It was too late , we were stuck in the JAM from NILai to Seremban exit.
10th May 2008 , 1400 – 1630
At last we reach a famosa resort after exiting Tampin and enduring all the boredom in a traffic jam. We rush to the registration counter . Me, Emma and Dr Rum decided to join the sprint event while queuing up to register. Last minute , right ? We had lunch at the restaurant and we finally check in to the Villa. As fast as we can, we change to our tri suits , take our helmet, running and bike shoes, googles, race belt, water and jump into siok bee's car and rush to the starting point. Would really like to say thank you to siok bee for helping us to pump our bike, carry our stuff and helping me to take photos. :D
10th May 2008 , 1630-1800
ooh Yes I finish the sprint. My swimming took around 13 minutes, cycling around 40 minutes and running around 18 minutes. I got a medal and a trophy for this event because the 2nd placing gal was disqualified as she did not complete 2 loops for the bike discipline. Thanks for being so honest.
10th May 2008 , 1800
There isn't much to report at this hour. Jeffrey Chin's friend came and join us as our room mates . They are competing for tomorrow triathlon relay event. Around dinner time we went to cowboy town in afamosa for carbo loading dinner. After the dinner the gals sleep quite early . Me and Emma was having headache and we wish the headache will go away by tomorrow morning.
11th May 2008 0545 – 0745
Woke up at 0545 and get ready for the race. Thank goodness the headache went away. We had our breakfast, put on our tri suits and gave all our bags to Dr Rum and we cycle to the transition area. (the starting point). On the way to the transition area I met up with Terry and he ask me “Did you bring gel?” . I was kind of confuse about the gel thingy, I thought he was talking about vaseline or body glide ,an anti chaffing stick. He repeated his question again and this time I knew he was talking about powerbar gel and he ask me whether I know where to stick it to the bike. “oh yes , I know”. He went off. In my heart I was actually thinking, even if I put a packet of gel on my bike I don't have the skill to eat it while cycling.
11th May 2008 0800- 1130
The race begins with swimming. Starting of the race was not a rush and wasn't as scary as what everyone claim. Unfortunately when I reach the first turning point , I swam near to the buoy . This is the most crowded place where every swimmer decided to swim near to the buoy to get the shortest distant possible. And this is where I got choke as someone press my head a few times. I couldn't breathe and I was a bit panic. Luckily I manage to remain calm and continue swimming. Every 10-12 stroke I look in front at the big buoy to ensure I swim in a straight line. Finally after the first loop , I begin to accustom to swim in the open water and I manage to swim as if i'm in the swimming pool. I remember my stroke and begin to concentrate on it. After 36 minutes I came out from the water. Errr not within my targeted time. I targeted 30 minutes. Anyway it was a good experience for me. I learned a lot from this swim.
The next discipline is the bike, from swim to bike transition is quite smooth . My swim time will give a head start for bike. After 5 minutes on the bike, Emma overtook me, 35 minutes Arif overtook me at the u turn and siok bee overtook me after 1 hour. Really need to improve on my bike. Anyway I did a good time and i'm quite happy with my time 1 hour 28 minutes.
The last discipline is the run , from bike to run transition was a mess as I need to hang my bike, take out everything, shoes, helmet, sunglasses. I can't stand properly to take out the bike shoes. My balance was bad. I took the powerbar gel, put on my running shoes and start running. First 5 minutes was a slow run as my breathing and my heart rate is quite high and heavy .Then I spotted a guy in front of me that have a slightly faster running pace than me. I follow him from the guard house till the finishing line. It was fun as his pace is quite consistent. I finish my run in 52 minutes. Phew......... I saw mr tomato man running around with my camera taking photos of me running towards the finishing line. The MC of the day announce Here come “Michelle Yeoh... from malaysia..” :( . Hey i'm michelle looi.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Labour Day Brick Training

The Broga Ride 26/04/2008

yES yEs Yes i'm very proud I completed this ride. As a beginners I might sounds a little bit crazy to you for riding 139 km under the hot sun over a few long hilly road. I spent 6 hours and 17 minutes on the bike. Ohh well back to the same old story, if Vong didn't accompany us (me and may senn) or sweeping us , we might end up cycling for 7 hours because we were mentally tired towards the end of the ride. Day dreaming is my favorite past time at that moment.
Well to begin with I actually feel bad to cancel (ffk) my brick training with Raymond Ng and Dr Ray aka Dr Rum. I know ,I know u guys are quite envy about the broga ride that I went. Okay some rum ice cream for peace offering, kay ? :D . Anyway how often I have chance to cycle this loop and the best thing of all, there is a support car in case someone gave up.
The journey begins at 7. I drove to Pekan 18 which is just 15 minutes drive from my house. I didn't really jot down the time we start to ride but according to darren ( we started to ride at 7.45 . I would said i'm quite excited but at the same time, I try my best to conserved energy . I tak nak koyak towards the end of the ride. And I don't want to go into the support car cause it means I did not finish. :( .We finish the ride at 3.55 p.m and went to a malay food stall to have ice kacang and rojak .
(Have to summarize the whole thing as I do not have time to write in details, for more info please read daren's blog and one more thing after this ride siok bee asked me not to tell people i'm a beginners anymore) :P

Calculator Vs Mobile Phone keypad

just wondering, have you use the calculator so often that when you press your mobile phone numeric keypad you always press the wrong number?