Monday, May 5, 2008

The Broga Ride 26/04/2008

yES yEs Yes i'm very proud I completed this ride. As a beginners I might sounds a little bit crazy to you for riding 139 km under the hot sun over a few long hilly road. I spent 6 hours and 17 minutes on the bike. Ohh well back to the same old story, if Vong didn't accompany us (me and may senn) or sweeping us , we might end up cycling for 7 hours because we were mentally tired towards the end of the ride. Day dreaming is my favorite past time at that moment.
Well to begin with I actually feel bad to cancel (ffk) my brick training with Raymond Ng and Dr Ray aka Dr Rum. I know ,I know u guys are quite envy about the broga ride that I went. Okay some rum ice cream for peace offering, kay ? :D . Anyway how often I have chance to cycle this loop and the best thing of all, there is a support car in case someone gave up.
The journey begins at 7. I drove to Pekan 18 which is just 15 minutes drive from my house. I didn't really jot down the time we start to ride but according to darren ( we started to ride at 7.45 . I would said i'm quite excited but at the same time, I try my best to conserved energy . I tak nak koyak towards the end of the ride. And I don't want to go into the support car cause it means I did not finish. :( .We finish the ride at 3.55 p.m and went to a malay food stall to have ice kacang and rojak .
(Have to summarize the whole thing as I do not have time to write in details, for more info please read daren's blog and one more thing after this ride siok bee asked me not to tell people i'm a beginners anymore) :P


  1. cool! u ride mountain or racing bike? i m interested on mountain bike with travel bags on it. Looks like old-day's postman but cool! Maybe will have one for myself in future & travel with it.

  2. hahahaha..........curi from me........very nice.......

  3. u knew the day after broga , i did 167km ride from wangsa maju - CP - ijok - sg tinggi (joined PCC to Ijok n Sg Tinggi) rite? that was a stupid idea i think.

  4. both of us are pencuri.. no worries. AT least we said it out where we curi from.

  5. btw name is spelt Darren with 2 R's........not 1.........lolz