Monday, June 9, 2008

Pacemaker Anniversary Run 2008

As usual after every race I need to write a short report about the race. I would say pacemaker anniversary run is a fun race where runners get together to run , to chit chat, get to know each other or maybe plan to create a team for future relay run. And of course, the team that I have for PAR 2008 was arranged by Ronnie ( and ( 

At first our group are quite worry about the last runner , Fazli as he was late for PAR. Not to say he really want to be late . It's because he has time trial in PJ before PAR. Anyway we really appreciate that he rush here for PAR and make things happened. :D
I was the first runner and I ask Fadhli the second runner to look out for after 15 minutes. I was quite nervous to start at first knowing that I need to do speed work the moment I start. Luckily I warm up with Michele Tan before I start. I feel great. My stride and breathing was smooth. The transition from to the second runner is clean and smooth. Fadhli really knows how to take the baton from me. Good experience for me as this is my first time doing relay run with people


Fadhli run as hard as he could and he looks like he is going to puke when he reached the finishing line. Luckily he didn't puke or fainted. Phew.........
Next will be Kevin, my captain . He thinks we can make it to top 10 and I was wondering whether we have any special prize for top 10 ..emmmm...

And the last one is Fazli , this guy is really a fast runner. Finally we make it top 10 and our position is...........tA dAaaaa NO 10

  1. 1' 01.11 - Team 2 Beat :
    16’46 > 0' 16.46 - Michelle Looi Mei Yan (Female)
    15’30 > 0' 32.16 - Muhamad Fadhli Bin Muhamad Fadzil
    15’42 > 0' 47.58 - Kevin Chow, Pm32 (Captain)
    13’13 > 1' 01.11 - Fazli Bin Abu Bakar
Special thanks to:
Ronnie See the Race Director
Photographer : Tey Eng Tiong
Photographer : Chan Wing Kai
Race Supervisor : Rachel Lee
Speaker Man : Kelvin Ng
Video Man : Jamie Pang
Result Auditor : Lai Fong Sang
Motorbike Escort : Datuk Yaziz
Time Keeper : Tan Sri Rohaizad
Time Keeper : Julie Wong
Time Keeper : Dinesh Kumaran
Time Keeper : Eng Seok Jiun
Time Keeper : Grace Tok
Check Point : Lim Pueh Tian
Check Point : Lee Wai Lam
Check Point : Ng Ping Loong
Water Station : Tan Ping Ping
Friuts Station : Adam Loh
Food Station : Teng Sin Lan
General Helper : Frank Chong
General Helper : Kenny Tan


  1. hey something funny about the pic with you in the blue shirt.....(look at the tummy). hehe!

  2. muahhahhaa.. look like i'm pregnant..

  3. heyy..i really like the way you turn boring cotton running tshirts into cool stuff. really envy ur creativity for that !! i think u should upload pic of the klim shirt . and also the power run shirt,, !!

  4. yaah if i dun turn it to interesting t-shirt, i'll never wear it but i want to keep it at the same time.. :P

  5. hi i saw you in (Rider of the Month: Michele Looi)