Friday, August 22, 2008

A new place to run.

Woke up on Thursday morning and found myself lack of training for running on weekdays. Rushing to Tasik Permaisuri, cheras  to run is a real hassle as my work finish at 6 p.m. I need to find some place nearer to run. I run alone on weekdays morning and find my running doesn't really improve much. Honestly speaking , I need someone better to pace me.
I found out Ronnie ( trains at Lake Garden during the weekdays. My first thought is they are strong runner . Emm nevermind, I just have to set my own target. I had 3 targets yesterday for 5 X2.3 km loop. First target, follow as long as possible. When first target fail, make sure I can see them running. Now I feel like a donkey chasing a few carrots. I'll keep running to catch up with the carrots. Eventually the second target /aim failed . I could no longer see the carrots. My last aim to make me run faster , “Keep running, don't let the carrots overlap you” . And of course the third one is successful because the loop is too big to be overlapped. :P
Finally I finished when the sky is dark , Ronnie helps me to take my time (67minutes 39 seconds) . Thanks a lot. Next time i'll remember to bring my watch. We did some light stretching . At the same time Ameba pass us each a bottle of Gatorade . She “belanja” us cause she won last week. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. can pace with pmone is good..

    permaisuri lake is good jst to loop not big enuf..
    keep up the good work ^^