Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pacemakers Track Meet 21/09/2008

Yesterday track meet was a great experience for me, although I ended up asking stupid question to Raymond Ng aka mr Tomatoman at the beginning of the track meet. This is what I asked :
Mich (looking at Men 400m run): I signed up for 800m, so where is the finishing line for 800m
Tomatoman : Run 2 round.They will let you know when to stop.
I guess his heart was thinking, “you never watch Olympic izzit ?“ Anyway I won 800m women open and to my surprise CCChoi and shih Ming was betting who's going to win in 800m. Thanks Shih Ming for supporting me.
The next event is 4 x 400m after a long break from 800m. We are the only mixed team (me, Shih Ming, Raymond Hee and Lee) and I think we did quite well. All my team mates gave their best to run 400 m , unfortunately we do not have other mixed team competitor. We were second last. :D


  1. wah.. soi fung, next time i will drag u to track meet. You can run 400m :D

  2. wow.... hahha :D can try try geh... coz I've tried 100m sprint when I'm at 2ndary school geh(decades ago huh!)...... just for fun.... no harm to give it a try If I've time..... :D