Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swimming Training Session 15 October 2008

Bukit Jalil, 15 October 2008 730 -930 p.m.
Michelle , Emma, Siok Bee, Ngan, Ngae, Alex, Keat Seong + Peh and the powerswim coach

Warm up

I was late, no drills for me for the first set

Main Set
4 X 400 m
1 X 100 m
6 X 50 head up with pull buoy
Lack of upper body strength for this drill , my arms are very tired at the end of this drill.
1 X 100m

Speed Work
2 X 50 m with emma
(PB ! 47 s)
I love this part even though I complained a lot. It test how well I can sprint when my arms are fatigue.

Cool Down
1 X 100 m

Total : 2500 m