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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike Fitting

A properly fitting bike is essential for long-term comfort and reduce chances of injuries. Nick Flyger, Senior Biomechanist from the Nation Sports Institute has help me to set up my bike for triathlon for both time trial setup and traditional set up . This guy was recommended to me by Simon Cross when i have knee pain from cycling. Thanks to him , i do not have any knee pain from cycling anymore.

The charge will be RM150 per person. Nick will be using tried and tested software, video analysis and then provide you with a report . The great thing about doing this is that once you have your measurements forever and never need to do this again regardless how many times you change your bike. And you are welcome to book appointment again for free follow up if you not happy with the settings.

Nick Flyger
Senior Biomechanist

Monday, November 3, 2008

Swimming Training Session, 3rd November 2008

Bukit Jalil, 3rd November 2008 800p.m. - 930p.m.
Me , Bobby and Jeff Chin
Warm up
2 X 100 catch up , pull
Main Set
6 X 100 (slow, medium fast)
3 X 200
4 X 50 ( hand paddle)

1 X 100 m

A great weekend (31st October to 2nd November)

I'm seriously out of idea on what title to put. My weekend begins on friday where a group of triathlete (Ngae , Jenny and her friend, Me, Yit Thing,May Senn , Dr Ray and Tomatoman) went to the curve ,red box to sing . At the end we turn the karaoke room into a dance floor. We have lots of fun doing crazy stuff . If it's not because of the need to wake up early morning for the bike ride, I might dance the whole night cause i'm really in the mood to dance.
The next morning I force myself to wake up for a bike ride to salak Tinggi. This time , I did quite well compare to the previous week where Dr Ray have to wait for a long time under a bridge and KL P , R&R area. We did a 15 minutes run after the ride and of course I went home immediately after that to pay my sleep debt. Unfortunately I can't even nap for 45 minutes, as my brain keep telling me I have a lot of things to do. I need to bring my bike for a service, go to church and caroling practice. Caroling practice is a great experience for me but i'm quite tired to concentrate and ended up singing the wrong verse a few times.
On sunday morning, I force myself to wake up again for lsd run (25km) . We gather at bkt aman and I was quite surprise to see most of my training buddies are there. We started the run at 6.30 a.m . The first 3 km was a fast pace set by dr Ray and Siok Bee. I decided to slow down as planned ( ) . I was running alone. It wasn't fun to run alone and talking to yourself but then again I really need to do what i've planned to do.
Late afternoon and evening, I alter the powerman t-shirt as I'm not satisfied with the size they gave. It was a huge S size t-shirt. I just wish there are times I don't have to alter any race t-shirt but I don't mind doing it because :
  1. I love the clothes sell in Roxy but it's too expensive to buy it here in malaysia. I became a copy cat , stealing ideas and turning it into my own design.
  2. I love to look feminine as most of the race t-shirt designs are for guys and I don't like to wear guys t-shirt.
  3. Practice what my mom has taught me since I'm young. Every time she saw what i've modified, she was impress and proud of it.