Monday, November 3, 2008

A great weekend (31st October to 2nd November)

I'm seriously out of idea on what title to put. My weekend begins on friday where a group of triathlete (Ngae , Jenny and her friend, Me, Yit Thing,May Senn , Dr Ray and Tomatoman) went to the curve ,red box to sing . At the end we turn the karaoke room into a dance floor. We have lots of fun doing crazy stuff . If it's not because of the need to wake up early morning for the bike ride, I might dance the whole night cause i'm really in the mood to dance.
The next morning I force myself to wake up for a bike ride to salak Tinggi. This time , I did quite well compare to the previous week where Dr Ray have to wait for a long time under a bridge and KL P , R&R area. We did a 15 minutes run after the ride and of course I went home immediately after that to pay my sleep debt. Unfortunately I can't even nap for 45 minutes, as my brain keep telling me I have a lot of things to do. I need to bring my bike for a service, go to church and caroling practice. Caroling practice is a great experience for me but i'm quite tired to concentrate and ended up singing the wrong verse a few times.
On sunday morning, I force myself to wake up again for lsd run (25km) . We gather at bkt aman and I was quite surprise to see most of my training buddies are there. We started the run at 6.30 a.m . The first 3 km was a fast pace set by dr Ray and Siok Bee. I decided to slow down as planned ( ) . I was running alone. It wasn't fun to run alone and talking to yourself but then again I really need to do what i've planned to do.
Late afternoon and evening, I alter the powerman t-shirt as I'm not satisfied with the size they gave. It was a huge S size t-shirt. I just wish there are times I don't have to alter any race t-shirt but I don't mind doing it because :
  1. I love the clothes sell in Roxy but it's too expensive to buy it here in malaysia. I became a copy cat , stealing ideas and turning it into my own design.
  2. I love to look feminine as most of the race t-shirt designs are for guys and I don't like to wear guys t-shirt.
  3. Practice what my mom has taught me since I'm young. Every time she saw what i've modified, she was impress and proud of it.


  1. teach me how to alter!! i also wanna alter!!

  2. can but ur house must have a sewing machine, cause i depend a lot on sewing machine. AND bring along ur fav sleeveless shirt for a start.

  3. My goodness, gals & their sewing games.......

  4. david :is my mom's machine.
    Lydia : I think , u can hand sew it. Bring ur fav sleeveless shirt, an ugly oversize cotton t-shirt, some pins , thread and needles and a pair of sicssors. I teach you how to do it.