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Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm a marathoner

Butt kicking finishing.

My latin hand

Yes i've completed my first marathon in singapore without much suffering and i'm really happy about it especially the fact that i manage to run with an even pace /even split from the start till the finishing.  More race report coming soon.
This is what i got from the result website:
NAME: Michelle Looi Mei Yan
EVENT: S&C Singapore Marathon
DATE: Sunday, December 7, 2008
BIB/DIV: 12314 / F2529
TIME: 4h:34m:58s (gun) / 4h:32m:4s (net)
Average Speed: 6 min 27 sec

First 10 km : 1 hour 5 min 5 sec (6:31 min/km)
Second 11 km : 1 hour 10 min 11 sec (6:23 min/km)
Third 9 km : 57 min 46 sec (6:25 min/km)
Last 12.195 km : 1 hour 19 min (6:29 min/km)

Who's who
Of the 12393 who finished, 15% were female and 85% were male.
Opposite Sex
For the record, you were ahead of about 88% of male finishers.
Timing Info (From 30Km to Finish)
You passed 694 runners
And 11 passed you

Result in Entire Field - 1480th place
Result in Gender (Female) - 187th place
Result in Division (F2529) - 38th place
NEXT TARGET : Negative Split for marathon

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not an Official marathoner yet.

My dream to become a marathoner is near. 42 km ? I never run such a long distance in my life before and I guess I seldom clock that mileage in a week during my training.
I'll be going to SG tomorrow and will run Singapore marathon on 7th December 2008. Looking back , I still remember a year ago , I signed up for Chin Woo biathlon , my first race ever, 7 km was a very high mileage for me that time and worried that I won't be able to complete the 7km run. A year has pass and I finally learned how to pace myself .
I'm not sure whether I will go again this year, I might want to cycle on that day.