Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not an Official marathoner yet.

My dream to become a marathoner is near. 42 km ? I never run such a long distance in my life before and I guess I seldom clock that mileage in a week during my training.
I'll be going to SG tomorrow and will run Singapore marathon on 7th December 2008. Looking back , I still remember a year ago , I signed up for Chin Woo biathlon , my first race ever, 7 km was a very high mileage for me that time and worried that I won't be able to complete the 7km run. A year has pass and I finally learned how to pace myself .
I'm not sure whether I will go again this year, I might want to cycle on that day.


  1. Good luck in the Singapore Marathon. Do not over push yourself and get injured. Take it slow. After all, it is a fun run. : )

  2. Best of luck, i'm sure u'll do great with the amout of training u've been doing

  3. All the best! Enjoy it, take it as training for Langkawi!

  4. Cool, believe in yourself & this will be a great achievement.