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Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Chin Healing Process

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 Day 8 (elbow)

 Day 8 (Shoulder)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not now !!!

People always said accident happen when you least expect it. Of course I did not expect it to happen too. Yesterday I crashed while cycling at putrajaya. It was a flat road with slight decline. It happen so fast . What I remember was my right hand got slip from the aerobar and my next instinct is to brake. I jam the brake and felt with chin facing down the road and my clipless pedal shoes still attached to the bike. I was screaming in pain with blood all over the floor. Yip was behind me witnessing my crash, he stop and help me . Luckily he was quite calm although I’m not really sure whether I scared the shit out of him or not.
My first question is, how’s my face? but yip first question is , can you move or not ? Yes I can move after getting muscle pull from both of my calf when I crash. I was shivering when I move to the side of the road.
Soon after that other training buddies stop , they give support , help me call the ambulance and Dr Raymond Hee checked whether I can still breath without pain and wipe my face to ensure other part of my face is okay.  
The ambulance arrived and I walk into the ambulance accompany by Raymond hee. I’m glad that I do not have any broken bones but of course I was unhappy with cuts on my chin and worry about scaring. Maybe I’ve been worrying about scaring since the day I have a cut on my right cheek when I was 9 years old and dealing with acne problem since teenager. Or maybe I already know this world is quite superficial.
After that I left putrajaya alone and went to see a plastic surgeon for second opinion. I text my mom , she was shock and came to pantai bangsar hospital together with my dad. The plastic surgeon said it was nicely stitch.
As I was driving home, I cry , the thoughts of DNF, DNS in ironman ,won’t be able to swim for at least 3 weeks , will I have phobia cycling, will I have scar on my chin and why now? Ironman is just few weeks away!! arhhh….
Time to be a bit more positive :
1)      No cars behind me while I crash
2)      Yip was behind me when I crash . Thank goodness for that as I usually cycle alone as I cannot keep up with other cyclist speed.
3)      No broken bones
4)      No sprain ankles or wrist
Lesson learned
1)      always wear gloves
2)      Tape your aerobar.

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