Wednesday, March 4, 2009

14:47 and I’m an Ironman.

One longest ride ,180.7 km from batu caves to Ipoh, One longest run, 42 km run in Singapore marathon  and countless time of 3km swim has given me a satisfaction of my achievement in Ironman Langkawi 2009. Looking back at the race, it was amazing that I could run a marathon after 180km ride. I never thought I could do that as cycling 180km is never an easy job for me ever since I started cycling last year February.

The race began at 7:45 a.m, I wasn't nervous and there isn't any butterfly in my stomach,  as I know I have to take it really slow in the swim so that I won't suffer in  cycling and my mission is to enjoy the run. To be honest I did enjoy the run as planned.
After the siren went off, I start swimming; I'm not as aggressive as I did in other triathlon. It was so boring swimming at that speed. I came out clocking 1 hour 38 minutes and I wasn't upset or surprise with it as I did not put in much effort.

7 minutes to change to long pants and long sleeves, put on a bike helmet and shoes and to the next leg. Cycling !!. Main aim is to finish without tired legs. Do not push and do not try to maintain certain average speed. Listen to yourself but come back within the cut off time.
 The last loop is crazy, it’s raining and there isn’t much participant left. I thank all the aid station volunteer and marshal as I pass them. 7 hours 33 minutes, pHEw.

Cycling by Aini Zakaria

Completing the bike feels as if I completed an ironman even though I still have 42km more to run. Finally I manage to see all my supporters, friends and training buddies. Some happily running, some look like zombie and some are trying to maintain their running speed to reach her/ his target.

“4th loop, blue color”. I'm into the final loop of the run and it's time to be serious. I look at my watch and start calculating my pace. I should be able to finish in less than 15 hours if I run 7:30 min / km pace.  The last 1km was the happiest moment of the race. I ran all out to the finishing line until I saw 2 Singaporean in front of me, I slow down and let them finish first as I want to have an exclusive moment at the finishing line. I felt like a super star, giving high 5 to everyone near the finishing line and running across with a smile clocking 14 hours 47 minutes.
Bathing time by Shazly
Special Thanks to:
My Parents for constantly remind me to eat healthy food before the race
Supporter and Cameraman
-         Tey
-         Shalzy
-         Jennifer Ng
-         Bobby
-         Hsing Ling and Vong
-         Lydias
-         Lynn
-         Chin Chin
And to all the Japanese , Australian and Malaysian supporter that cheer me up and motivate me
Training Buddies
-         Raymond Hee
-         Raymond Ng
-         Siok Bee
-         Jason Thiang
-         Lee PH
-         Julie
-         Yip
And to all that I trained with especially pacesetters member, PCC riders and powerswim
-         Powerbar
-         Siong
-         Tony Quah (Our team coach)
-         John
-         Ronnie
-         Vong
-         PK and family
-         Mac
-         Danny (thanks for the supplement tips too)
-         Daniel Lim from tbb
-         Peh and the powerswim coach
-         Siok Bee aka pinkErBee

Group Photo By Lynn


  1. U did well!!! Congratz on ur maiden Ironman race... hopefully more and more to come... :P

  2. Congrats and well done, Mich! Now just aiming to finish and not to push, next year would see you with big improvement!

  3. You did such a great job, Michelle! And you definitely look really happy during the run!

  4. Nice job Michelle, you are an IRONMAN - well done, you deserved it, especially to get up and continue training after your accident. Same again next year?

  5. Ironman I meant not another accident

  6. muahahha... i will do again , i enjoy endurance and long distance race. :P. FYI, i still have phobia going on aerobar after the accident.

  7. thanks Kelvin, this year olympic distance will try to do some pb in my swim :P

  8. congrats...u were great. The only one I see with a huge smile in every leg.
    Totally missed u in the swim coz u weren't in ur usual purple swim top.
    Now's its time to rest & recover especially the chin wound

  9. ooohhhh!!! i m in ur special thanks list
    u did great !!!! i was very happy to be was really an eye opener
    n in fact thank u for inspiring me :):):)

  10. well done. excellent result :D

  11. SALUTE!! Hope I hv d privileged to race with you one day.

  12. Michelle, congratulation n well done. I'm proud of you :)

  13. Michelle, congratulation n well done. I'm proud of you :)

  14. Welllllll DONE again Mich!! You're an IRONMAN/ IRONWOMAN!! :) ehehhe ...

  15. yeah ironman!! great job!! congrats!! u did it after all the hard work! so happy for u :)

  16. Hey IronWoman Mich! Absolutely amazing! Congratulations on an awesome race :)

  17. hey.. thanks.. you can do it too

  18. congrats..... proud of u..... :)