Thursday, March 26, 2009


Just don’t know why I still feel fatigue until today. Maybe it’s because of boredom or it’s from the ironman. Can’t believe I slept for 11 hours yesterday. My dad has to wake me up for dinner.
Anyway, I need to plan my race this year. Not every race I’m going. I will skip kenyir as I’m not in a good form to run 10km or because of budget constraint or is a back to back race.
The Race that I plan to go
1)      Orange Run
2)      Klang Pacer Half Marathon
3)      New Balance 15 km
4)      SC KLIM
5)      Xterra Relay swimmer if anyone needs it.
6)      Desaru Half Ironman
7)      Shape Run 2009
8)      Macau Marathon / Miri Triathlon
9)      PD Triathlon
10)  Century Ride if they have
11)  Larian Bomba
12)  Putrajaya half ironman (if I have the budget)
13)  Powerman Lumut
14)   And other run as training.

Anyway other than paying for entrance fees or if I need a helmet or cycling gloves, I promise myself not to spend any money on sports equipment next month, April 2009.


  1. Wah sleep 11 hours! I think the last time I did that was pre-uni days! Eh, that's quite a lot of races too. More than one a month. And I'm feeling the same, itchy to buy new stuff for a faster and meaner time next Ironman!

  2. Hey Michelle, as I was telling you at swimming, it take four weeks for the muscular systems to recover fully from an Ironman and 6 weeks for the nervous system to fully recover. So it's not surprising that you're still tired. The key is to keep doing a little but often to speed up the recovery process. Also be careful with the volume of running and run races, these are the things that really wear you out.

  3. Wow, Michelle. That's still a whole bunch of races!

  4. Kevin, Simon, starbuck and trek, i'm much much better already. Back to normal, almost. Felt great cycling up to peres on Saturday and ran 11 k on sunday. :)

  5. No need to feel bad about the long hours of sleep. Fatigue is a signal from your body that it needs a break and you did the right thing by resting (sleep).

    There are 2 golden rules that I learnt and followed since I started running:-

    1. Always listen to your body (coz your body doesn't tell lies);
    2. Go for quality runs not quantity during training

    and it works well.

  6. looks like you have a good appetite for races this year. Take it on......and use a Running Skirt for all these races. If I can strike the deal, then Running Skirts will hit Malaysia running scene.

  7. BTW running skirt is very nice to wear. I got it for USD 12. My friend help me to get it from US. I will wear it for orange run. Too bad i dun have orange skirt.

  8. and i can help u to promote first lah....

  9. its cheap in US especially those off-season ones. Hopefully when i bring it to Malaysia it wont be that expensive.

  10. good idea . i have orange top but it's not for running..