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TMBT 2011

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Monday, April 13, 2009

What does it takes to be a ultramarathoner?

Me: I ran with ameba yesterday , she Is training for ultramarathon
Der_pacemaker: when is your turn? Are you going to do it?
Me : No, not now , in future I wouldn’t know. It’s a crazy distance
Der_pacemaker: you are already quite crazy.
Emmm… do I have potential? Over the weekend I’ve been analyzing what does it takes to become an ultramarathoner ?

Ameba , ultramarathoner wannabe
What they do?
-         cycle alone to Port Dickson  :
-         Motivated to run 40km alone
-         Extreme hikers. Don’t  mind to stay in forest for days. She hike gunung tahan and trans titiwangsa before.

Yip – Sundown ultramarathoner
-         cycle alone to Kuantan and back
-         run to kuala kelawang alone
-         He did ask me to include him for my next trip to Korbu Gayong. I think he will join trans titiwangsa if there is a chance

Ngae – the sahara ultramarathoner
-         cycle to Frasers hill alone
-         I forgotten where he run alone for high mileage but he did
-         Already proven he doesn’t mind camping in an extreme condition in sahara desert for days.

Can I walk / run alone for high mileage ?
 (Photo courtesy of SFTang)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Orange Run 12/04/2009

Post Race group photos.
The podium finisher except Me, Myself and I . :D

 Final Sprint.
My first road running races for this year. GE 30 k was abandoned due to some left knee pain. From this experienced I learned to train smarter.
It wasn’t my target race but I need a race to get myself started. I went to the curve early in the morning to warm up with Bee but soon I found myself going to toilet again and again. Fortunate enough I did some warm up around the curve with bee, lisar, gane and dr Ray.
Before the race starts, my instinct told me that I should drink a cup of water before the run as most of the run in Malaysia prefer to serve isotonic drinks. I guess water is too expensive.  Turn out to be quite true they only serve 7UP isotonic drink. When I saw Gane, he was complaining about water station. Bee was complaining when she reached the finishing line. If any race director is reading this, as a runner I would like to let you know, no water = = dehydration.
Upon reaching the starting line, I found out that the man’s category which is A and C will run first. Something that I don’t like in road races unless timing chip is use.  After 5 to 10 minutes, our turn (women category) to start. I do not have any target this time , I just maintain certain % of heart rate. My legs are quite tired and heavy from hiking gunung angsi yesterday. Cross the finishing line at 59:37 minutes.  

Thanks Tey and Frank Choong for the photos