Monday, April 13, 2009

What does it takes to be a ultramarathoner?

Me: I ran with ameba yesterday , she Is training for ultramarathon
Der_pacemaker: when is your turn? Are you going to do it?
Me : No, not now , in future I wouldn’t know. It’s a crazy distance
Der_pacemaker: you are already quite crazy.
Emmm… do I have potential? Over the weekend I’ve been analyzing what does it takes to become an ultramarathoner ?

Ameba , ultramarathoner wannabe
What they do?
-         cycle alone to Port Dickson  :
-         Motivated to run 40km alone
-         Extreme hikers. Don’t  mind to stay in forest for days. She hike gunung tahan and trans titiwangsa before.

Yip – Sundown ultramarathoner
-         cycle alone to Kuantan and back
-         run to kuala kelawang alone
-         He did ask me to include him for my next trip to Korbu Gayong. I think he will join trans titiwangsa if there is a chance

Ngae – the sahara ultramarathoner
-         cycle to Frasers hill alone
-         I forgotten where he run alone for high mileage but he did
-         Already proven he doesn’t mind camping in an extreme condition in sahara desert for days.

Can I walk / run alone for high mileage ?
 (Photo courtesy of SFTang)


  1. Ngae run sahara is salute liao..He ran PD 100km for charity from SJ to Lukut(PD)...

  2. ooh yah.. tey is an ultraMan too..

  3. No lah...haha...all ironman is much much tougher than any ultra marathon.

    If u see the greece 7 days can cover around 700km to 800 km plus,,that will be ultra runner..

  4. i always find it interesting ppl going for ultra marathon.

  5. no i think ultra marathon is tougher. Cinya respect ameba for the courage to sign up for ironman. **clap clap clap**

  6. lah..ironman 17hrs is more suffer lah. run slow is ok mah..just tahan n tahan nia.

    if u see this or other ultra race,u will know sundown 84km is no really a ultra liao...cause normally international standard 100k cut off time is 12hrs to sundown 84km ,cut off time also can do it..!!

    Last week ultra race

    Ultra official website

  7. i'm sure you can do it :) You already so brave to do Ironman....

  8. aim it, do it .....

    ultramarathoner, impossible for me....... ;)

  9. Aiya..everyone can one...take time to learn nia...n train nia..simple..!

  10. Mich, an Ironman is like an ultramarathon in its own way already. I bet you can become an ultramarathoner!

  11. my ex boss is an ultramarathoner, his advice to me was to get used to being alone, this is one the most critical elements of ultra running... he's not into multi-sports, he only runs, and he runs alone everytime... he also practices being alone in some parts of his life to train for the ultra, like eating alone, watchin movies alone, etc etc ...

  12. I suggest better no be a untramarathoner, 1st you still young, 2nd experience tell if you train on mileage, you may lost ur speed! You hv gift in speed, hope you can concentrate on your speed, you can run faster!!