Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maiden Mt Bike Ride and New Balance 15k run

Photo Courtesy of Chim on my maiden mt bike ride
I guess i'm out of ideas on what title to put for my blog updates. The weekend began with a plan to cycle mountain bike with Alvin Chan. It is actually a plan to try out mt biking after my ironman and was a plan , a week after I had a bike accident. Alvin thinks mt biking is safer than road biking.. Errhh.. to me is the same but I bet I definitely improved on my bike handling skill.
We met up at 730 at malay tea house , frim. Alvin together with his friend Choy, help me to set up the bike. Chim my ex colleague tag along . He picked up mt biking not long ago.
FRIM mt biking trail is consider a beginners trail. I would said mt biking is quite different from road bike. It is more about strength and not so much on cadence to cycle faster. Few times I have to push the bike as a result of losing my momentum because I did not pedal hard enough to cycle over rocks and tree roots. Downhill was pretty scary at first but I soon got the hang of it and wouldn't mind doing mt biking again. The last part was a single track trail which I push the bike more than I cycle. It is a different experience and would love to do it again. Thanks to Alvin , Chim and Choy for your company on my maiden mt bike ride.  BTW just to let you guys know , i'm not so afraid of falling in mt biking than road bike. Maybe there isn't any traffic around. If i fall, is just between me and the jungle.
Chris, San, Julie,Bee, Leslie and ME
On sunday is new balance 15km run. This is my first 15km run which I skip last year because i'm dying to go hiking at mt yong belar after all the triathlon training for A Famosa., and also the first time I got a yellow color running vest collected by Siok Bee. Thanks Siok Bee.

Gane, Johnson, Siok Bee and me ran 5km in the morning as warm up and went to tapak A for the race . The guys start 15 minutes earlier than the gals. Since I get dehydrated easily, I will make sure I drink a cup of water before the race begin. Luckily the organizer provide drink station near the starting line. I was chit chatting with Jennifer, Lisar, Julie, Carmen, Leslie , Chris and other gals at the starting line before they start counting down, 8, 7 , 6 , 5, 4, 3, 2,1.... poOooon.... I take it easy for the first 4 km without realizing , I was actually running too fast and couldn't really maintain my pace . I was quite tired at the 12 km mark after going thru a hilly route for the run. Reaching the finishing line was the most boring road for this race as we need to run 2km around the lake garden . Err... I really can't wait to finish as i'm getting really tired.

After the race, my training buddies gather around jln imbi to eat breakfast and chit chat. By now I can feel the muscle ache on my calf, glute and my back. I took a nap and woke up at 3 p.m. and had thai food again for dinner at taman cheras.


  1. wow you are strong womena......

  2. yay! lets go MTB!! another kaki!!

  3. Glad that you enjoyed your first MTB experience.