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TMBT 2011

My first ultra trail 50km

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Road Bully

    This morning at Jalan sultan ismail , I finally encountered a very stressful driver. Partially is my mistake when I saw a rat cross the road, my first instinct is to break. Not an emergency break but a break to slow down and let it cross the road. Unfortunately the driver behind me was not happy and follow me to the car park. I saw him scolding and yelling at me but I don't bother. It's another angry driver.

    Little did I know he waited for me at the car park and start yelling at me. He said I press the break like that and cause the car behind him to scratch his car. I explain why but I didn't said rat , I told him it was a small cat. Obviously he is not an animal lover.

    When the car park care taker came , he keep saying he is not a ROAD BULLY. He told me to pay for the minor scratches (2 inches scratches X 3-5 lines) on his car bumper . I said sure, you send it to the car repair and get it polish. I will pay for your bill. He said NO, i'm not a road bully give me RM 10 and I will polish it myself. I ask him where is the car that hit you . He start giving all sort of excuses saying it's my fault I reversed my car and hit his car while trying to go into the car park. OMG he accused me for that .

   Obviously if I reversed, I wouldn't have hit the back of his car bumper. If the car hit from behind how can it be a small scratches. Where did the scratches came from ?

     When I start asking this kind of question he said you must pay me 10 ringgit or else I damage your car and we settle the case. What a threat for a NON road bully ? Of course at the end I pay him 10 ringgit. Well i'm a gal what else can I do when I encountered a road bully like that ?
Because of you, LAH !!! wHy you cRoss the road ??

Sunday, June 28, 2009

If only if

It’s a hard decision that I have to make at 29 -30 km mileage marker. Recent calf strain has made me very careful of what my body is telling me. I’m not going to take any risk to further injure that particular area, I decided to quit and walk back to dataran merdeka. On the other side, my heart is telling me to go on , it’s only another 12 km to go and you are maintaining a good pace but the brain is asking me to stop as triathlon is just around the corner.
If only if triathlon is not around the corner I would have continue the race as I will have enough time to recover if I injured again.

Now I’m looking forward to Singapore Marathon 2009 in December as I will have ample of time to slowly train for it.

I had a great thai food dinner with tang and kee at night. Nice chit chatting with them again. I think I want to go gunung tAhan pretty soon.