Monday, August 3, 2009

Bike handling skill

I rather use the drop bar than aerobar.

Being bad on the bike handling skill makes me quite depress at times. Everyone  question why I do not want to use the aerobar. I tried really hard to use it. When lorry or other cyclist pass me I got paranoid or phobia that I might fall again like what happen in putrajaya 3 weeks before the ironman.

When I first started cycling, I can't drink or eat on the bike. It seems like most of the time, the only answer I got is , why so hard, just take lah. Eventually Mac and Vong taught me how to drink. The first time I did it was in Guthrie corridor and the second time was at semenyih dam on the way back from broga ride.

2 months after cycling , I registered for a famosa triathlon and almost lost my balance while drinking water on the bike. The triathlete on the opposite side got shock when they saw me losing my balance but thank god I did not crash.

Then came the day I decided to sign up for ironman. What's my biggest worries ? Again my bike handling skills. I do understand that I haven't run a marathon yet but somehow that is not even 1% of my concern. I worried that I won't be able to eat on the bike or drink on the bike and died because of dehydration.

After registered for ironman, there came another race, kenyir triathlon 2008. I have another worry that I won't be able to clip the shoes on the pedal when going uphill as I start the bike section and I risk falling down.  The funny part for now is , i'm not worry about going downhill anymore . However in this race I sacrificed a water bottle while going downhill. There goes my endurance drink .

Then came to century ride, my first longest ride after broga ride and I successfully eat a muffin during the ride. It feels like an achievement for me apart from being able to finish the 160 km ride but I felt sorry for others that follow me from behind that I fail to give signal to them. E.g turn left, pot hole or slow down.

I even have problem talking to my training buddies during the ride. I look snobbish and  unfriendly.  I still remember I always ask people to go first because I had a cold feet when people cycle side by side with me. Still remember those moment when May Senn said hi to me during tuesday night ride and I almost lost my balance.

Anyway I completed my ironman in one piece. So happy for it when I got off the bike , as if I completed an ironman even though I still got 42 km to run.

After all this the recent desaru triathlon half ironman distance had taught me a lesson to be on the aerobar for non drafting race as the head wind and cross wind has take a toll on my leg to maintain certain speed. I regretted for not using an aerobar that has been nicely installed by Daniel from bike boutique.

I also regretted that I did not practice to do a proper U turn and when raymond saw me unclip from the pedal and used my left leg to walk with the bike to make a U turn , I gave an excuse that the guy in front of me felt down during  the u turn but in reality i'm scared to u turn.

Question still remain in my head as why i'm more daring to go downhill at genting peres and genting sempah  than to use an aerobar.

There are a lot of tips from other cyclist , Lydia Tan ask me to learn to fall using a mt bike, Wei Kong ask me to learn to let go both my hand without thinking. Thanks a lot but I really need to learn all this during this off season.


  1. jia yuk.. i juz start learning only.. :)

  2. may be u shld learn on the roller, b'cos if u fall off the roller, u actully fall on the floor ONLY,

  3. so so proud of u and what u hv achieved. I totally understand ur fear/worry though i can drink/eat (gels) w single hand & no need the use of aerobar, m like u, freaking scared of u turn, sharp turn, downhills, let go of both of my hands fr the handle, u r not alone :)

  4. Lydia's advice would be the best way to learn. Take up Off Road....
    Ya skills will improve tremendously :)

  5. You are not the only one, I only learnt how to drink while riding at Century Ride and up until now I do not eat at all on the bike. Even drinking I will drink only on straight and flat stretches. I also am terrified of steep downhills and sharp turns. I pity my brakes.

  6. just try to relax while on the bike. make it like part of your body :P
    sure u can improve your skill. take k :)

  7. is off season now! lets go mtb!!! lotsa fun with lotsa bruise! =)))))))