Gunung Yong Yap

The beginning of a new chapter

TMBT 2011

My first ultra trail 50km

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

XPDC Gunung Yong Yap Via Pos Brooke

It was certainly an unexpected expedition. Me and Tang (, was quite eager to hike during this hari raya holiday. It’s been a long long time I hike with her. I think the last time was mt KK. We were quite disappointed at first when we found siong har have to attend a wedding dinner and couldn’t arrange for a hiking trip. Our second thought is MMG ( We contacted ah Thong from mmg and he told us this trip is not going to happen if there are not enough participants. At the end we tried our best to invite people for this expedition. Unfortunately tang was down with a high fever and need to pull out from the trip.
Overall I would say mt yong yap is tougher than other G7 that I climbed before, which are Mt Yong Belar and Mt Ulu Sepat. The number of times we cross the same river is countless. I would say is more than 20 times. We need to go through a lot of obstacle like a fallen trees, bamboos and land slide area. There are also sign of rhino and tiger foot print.
I got bitten by some green color bee/wasp that came out from the ground that gave me a panic attack to run uphill to an open area to remove the bee sting. I keep sliding down while running uphill as it was extremely painful bite. FYI is more painful than ALL the piercing that I had before on my body. Later I found out thong also got bitten by the bees and both his hand are swollen.
It was raining the first night where we camp at camp Agas . That night we slept early after dinner to get a good rest for a tough climb tomorrow. However we gotten bitten by sand flies the whole night and right now my face look like I just recovered from chicken pox.
Next day we proceed to the peak and have our early moon cake festival at the peak with lantern ,moon cake and a karaoke session.
The next morning is an unforgettable sunrise for g7 mt, clear blue sky with a fair weather cumulus clouds.
Coming down from Gunung Yong Yap requires a lot of patience as there is a long and slight descend loging trail and the countless time of crossing the same river. All of us arrived back safe and alive in one piece.