Monday, October 26, 2009

North Face 50km Duo, my Virgin off road race.


I still remember the day bee ask me to sign up for this race. She is thinking of doing 100km duo. After looking at our schedule (races), I told her we wouldn't have time to recover in time for powerman. So we signed up for 50km Women Duo
From the start there isn’t any expectation for this race. First trail running race and if you ask me what is my targeted time, I would seriously tell you I don’t know as I never race off road before. As I entered into the trail I felt the sense of freedom. The calmness and peacefulness you felt when you are away from the city, away from the concrete jungle and cars.
The trail isn’t a technical trail with gentle uphill and downhill. As years pass I enjoyed downhill more than uphill. I still remember telling Tang ( how I hate running downhill when I first started hiking. I try to copy her footstep every time I run downhill with her. Of course I slip and felt a lot of times while running downhill. Soon, I enjoyed the trills and excitement of running downhill. 
After a U turn at the steepest part of the trail in bukit timah, I tried to run the last 10km in 60 minutes and I did it. Here is the unofficial time.
Position : 9
Team: IRONGRRLS Total Timing: 06:16:56.25
Tag No Name             Team            Timing           Pos
6009-2 Looi Mei Yan  IRONGRRLS   02:54:58.62   012
6009-1 Ong Siok Bee IRONGRRLS   03:21:57.63   033
 Me and Bee enjoying our breakfast / lunch after the run
Special Thanks to
The main sponsor, North Face, the volunteers, photographer and supporter ( Victor and Frank)
Siok Leng for arranging the accommodation and became our tour guide when she is free
Siok Bee for becoming my partner for this event, without you I wouldn’t have thought of signing up.
Jennifer and Keat Seong for the company to shop around Singapore.
I’ll be back next year AND more trail running from now on. :D


My hard earn medal according to Frank Chong.
Jenn and Keat Seong 
 Siok Leng
Muak muak muak
Photo Courtesy of Frank Chong and Victor


  1. congrats again girl! your progressive improvement and achievement is really something to learn from...:)

  2. Wow! Nice! Well done to you and Siok Bee!!

  3. Hey, how come i don't know about this race?

  4. what ? how can u don know this event ? famous...go next yr 50-50

  5. Well done, another tough race conquered!

  6. 50+50 sure patah kaki... maybe I will roll myself down the hills or borrow a bike

  7. Congrats!
    25K in the bag so 50K next year?