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TMBT 2011

My first ultra trail 50km

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lack of motivation ?

Not so sure while suddenly I don’t feel like doing ironman anymore. I realize I’m not a fan of long distance races anymore. Take too much time to prepare. I love things like triathlon Olympic distance, 10k to 42 km run or trail running. Of course 21 k to 25k run  is still my favorite distance. I find cycling is a weekly chores for me recently. I want to improve but i find myself still stagnant there. I still love cycling as touring, sight seeing, makan makan trip or century ride with no pressure.
Looking back, I always find I can’t wait to get out from the bike in any triathlon except for Olympic distance where cycling leg is short and is draft legal.
Ironman is just around the corner again, this time i find that i'm undertrained , not enough mileage on the bike and I start to worry about it. How can I have the satisfaction for cycling like i had for running ? Seems like everytime i come back from running training , running races with a smile but not for cycling.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Genting Trailblazer 2009

My Kg Adidas Running shoes

I know about this race 2 years ago, every time I want to try; it is too near to other race like powerman. This year Tang interested to try and since tang is not a competitive runner, I feel comfortable to partner with her as I don’t have to push too hard to keep up and I can truly enjoy the race.

We started with a 5km run around the golf course. It was mostly downhill, I ran together with my partner tang. It was a bit tough for her as she is not used to racing. I was afraid that she is too excited to run too fast and hit the wall at the end. A few times I ask her to slow down to recover.
After 5km we reached the trail, it was a very slippery downhill and tang is a downhill champion. Couldn’t really understand how she runs down so fast in such a slippery condition. I decided not to chase her as both of us have our own strength. We know each other quite well as we are hiking buddy for years.

I overtook her on uphill and tell her to pace herself. I thought she would catch up on downhill. Unfortunately for her there are more uphill than downhill.

I reached the end of the trail. I stop to wait for her at the obstacle. This time I know that I’m the first woman to reach the obstacle in my category. I was excited but in my mind I only wish she arrive safe. Position and prize is not important to me as I already know my time when I hit the obstacle. I saw tomato busy taking pictures, San and Shih Ming cheering for everyone.

Soon Jen and Lydia reached the obstacle follow by Keat Seong and Bee. Eventually Ming and Kelvin , two ladies in my category reached the obstacle too.

AND finally I saw the gal in pink reach the obstacle. It was tang. Yahoo!!!.. I told her that we will be second team in our category to cross this obstacle.

The THG gangs that completed the race cheer for us. Knowing that tang have phobia getting into water, I’ll make sure I cross the obstacle side by side with her.

We crossed the finishing line holding each other hand. She hugs me and tells me how happy she is to get 2nd placing in adventure category.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009