Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lack of motivation ?

Not so sure while suddenly I don’t feel like doing ironman anymore. I realize I’m not a fan of long distance races anymore. Take too much time to prepare. I love things like triathlon Olympic distance, 10k to 42 km run or trail running. Of course 21 k to 25k run  is still my favorite distance. I find cycling is a weekly chores for me recently. I want to improve but i find myself still stagnant there. I still love cycling as touring, sight seeing, makan makan trip or century ride with no pressure.
Looking back, I always find I can’t wait to get out from the bike in any triathlon except for Olympic distance where cycling leg is short and is draft legal.
Ironman is just around the corner again, this time i find that i'm undertrained , not enough mileage on the bike and I start to worry about it. How can I have the satisfaction for cycling like i had for running ? Seems like everytime i come back from running training , running races with a smile but not for cycling.


  1. i don't think its a lack of motivation... more like lack of interest...
    do take some time off from swimming biking and running, then reorganize your priorities and interests and stick to what you enjoy more (draft legal ODs, trail races, half marathons)... u'll definately improve more on them rather than forcing yourself thru long training sessions...

  2. i'm the total opposite!! i hardly miss a ride but when it comes to running.. i have a million excuse not to wake up! =P i think we make a good team! we need a fabulaso swimmer!

  3. my swimming is OK... not as good as Kevin but oklah.. not to worry Mich - my feelings about cycling is the same... but what to do. it's the longest leg in IM. just 'pia' through...

  4. aiiil... should have sign up for relay. i just run. muahhahahhahaha. anyway i'm kind of worried because nowadays i got to work on saturday and dun have enuf time to train for long distance