Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So near yet so far

I’m talking about Dukethon 5km run. When you heard 4th position it might sound so near to 3rd position but in reality I’m 50 second behind mei mei.  It’s a lot for short distance races as every second counts.

A pretty good experience for me as this is the first time I did a 5km running race.  I reach the starting line with Khoo and Tomato.  There isn’t any Kenyans or foreigner as this race is only for Malaysian (1 malaysia concept) . I thought of giving my best at first but due to the stuffiness at the starting line, I felt a bit light headed and I told myself to reserve more for the finishing. The race begins with a slight incline uphill. Running uphill is not really my forte but then again every uphill there is a downhill. Among the gals I held a fifth position at first but when it came to downhill I upgraded myself to another position. At this moment I’m waiting to reach the u-turn to see how far I am from the 3rd position gal.  Well it’s not that far actually but it’s normal for competitive runner to speed up when they know you are not that far. Hey don’t forget we are fighting for cash prize.

I finish fourth and tomato waiting for me at the finishing line. I’m happy to meet my target, 23.33 minutes for 5km. This is the target set as it is a gauge to determine whether I will be able to do sub 50 in 10 km


  1. Congrats! 23:33 for 5km is not easy to achieve.

  2. Thanks but guys can achieve it easily especially for such a short distance. They are stronger. :P

  3. i wonder when i will get a placing.... maybe when i am 80yrs old