Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pacesetter NB Run 2010

Still remember the day when I go and buy 4D. I said, sure tak kena lah. I’m so unlucky. Then Wynn lecturer me on how this words will became a jinx.

A week ago, Raymond aka tomato told me, mich the Pacesetter Run for 20km prize is only for top 3. I reply, aiyah top 3 is impossible for me lah.

So I began the run with a mentality that is impossible to reach top 3. I reached there around 5 am , had my coffee and breakfast at the car park. Rest for a while. Soon I saw Jessica arrived at bkt aman follow by Debbie. I hop in debbie’s car and teach her how to park illegally.

Me and Debbie walk to padang merbok,, lepak there chit chat with bobby, Irene , Lydia and Bernard.

The run starts at 6.30 and I start the race without proper warm up and stretching as I feel 20km distance is long enough for me to slowly warm up. The first km I pass a gal from klang pacer. Not sure who is she but I continue running and try to relax until a Chinese gal with spec (again I forgotten her name) pass me. I keep seeing her all the way from pejabat kerajaan until the end. I did not speed up to chase her as my words create a mindset that is not possible for me to be at the top 3. So no point chasing.

I crossed the finishing line in 1 hour and 44 minutes and soon after that wai mun call my name showing her finger that I’m number 4. She asked me to take a look at the time and it is less than a minute away. I remember is less than 100m away. I was happy achieving PB but at the same time I regret that I didn’t start to speed up 2km before I cross the finishing line. So lesson learned never say never, as there is always a probability of winning. Your words are more powerful than you realize. They have the power to encourage or discourage

It's time to think before you speak.

"Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach.
The right words on a person’s lips bring satisfaction." Proverbs 18:20


  1. No use crying over split milk. It is a VERY good time and you should be proud and celebrate that.

  2. That's already a very good timing. And as mentioned, the most important is that you are happy with your own results and you have your fair share of fun during and after the run. That is what matters most. -Frank-

  3. thanks chin chin and frank, i'm super duper happy with it. I'm so proud of it and i told the whole world about my pb. cinya happy

  4. Hahhah, there's always next year, Mich. Well done and congrats on your PB. See you at Langkawi.

  5. Deep Deep Thoughts... Hmm....
    But still, u too fast to chase...

    Only the red round tomato can chase u...

  6. lesson no 101: always start in front, then start counting how many infront of you when gun goes off! and how many passed you or how many you passed along the way

  7. wah.. me arr.. too many runners pass me to count lah! and number of runner i pass - ZERO!

  8. congrates!!! compete only with urself.... no matter which placing you are, the most important is you improved, am sure you can do better than you are now..... keep fighting!!!!

  9. Wah... then my race will be damn interesting leh or "kan cheong "

  10. lydia, i think u can be a very good runner lah. I remember running with u in the trail. You are quite good leh.

  11. actually still quite happy until today. Never thought i can run this time for that distance.