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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to resize a t-shirt?

I got an XXL t-shirt from my company. I wanted XS but it’s out of stock. Alright is time to reconstruct the t-shirt. What can I do with it, it’s a company t-shirt and I can’t turn it into bikini and wear it. The only way I can look more feminine is to resize the t-shirt.
Here is the step by step on how to do it:
Step 1 – Deconstruction

Step 2
Fold the body of the t-shirt that you just cut into half. Don’t forget to pin the shoulder after folding it nicely.

Step 3 - Draft
There are million of us that know how to sew but do not know how to draft . The easiest way is to learn by example. Use your favourite or correct size t-shirt to help you
Determine the width of the shoulder base on the your existing t-shirt . Fold the existing t-shirt into half. Put it on top of the newly deconstructed t-shirt and draw a line based on the shoulder width of the existing t-shirt

Lay an existing t-shirt on top of the newly deconstructed t-shirt

Use a chalk to mark the width of the shoulder

Step 4
As the t-shirt is nicely lay on top of it. Pin the deconstructed t-shirt like this

Step 5
This is where your arm hole should end. Mark it

Step 6 – trace the shape of the arm hole and sleeves
Use tracing paper and trace the shape of the arm hole. Do the same for the sleeves too

Step 7
Cut it. Yeah that is the fun part of t-shirt surgery. BTW I’m currently looking for a proper scissors for fabric. IMPORTANT : MAKE sure you there are allowances of 10 mm when you cut it.

Step 8 S
Sew all the side of the t-shirt and the sleeves
Final Step
Reattach the sleeves. Make sure you put enough pin before you sew the sleeves to the t-shirt body
/** more photo coming up soon as I need a photographer to help me to snap.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I sew ?

Since young I learn how to sew from my mom. She’s a tailor. Obviously I pick up the skill from her. :D

Okay that is not the main reason. Main reason is personal satisfaction but 10 other reason are :
1) You got clothes that fit your body
2) T-shirt surgery aka t-shirt alteration gave me an opportunity to wear my free Race t-shirt. Emmm sorry to say I seldom wear baggy t-shirt that looks like my pyjamas.
3) Boost my creativity by giving me a chance to imagine.
4) Can’t get what I want in the market without paying high price for it
5) I’m proud of it
6) The expression , “where did she get this t-shirt “ from friends or stranger that have the same race t-shirt.
7) I won’t accidentally wear my bf race t-shirt.
8) Recycle old clothes, old button or used ribbon from race
9) My favourite past time apart from triathlon
10) Emm…. A reason for me to look forward to get a new sewing machine. Right now I’m using my mom OLD sewing machine.

My first ever RACE t-shirt surgery from KL Internation Marathon
Photo Courtesy of