Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gunung Datuk Challenge 2010

I decided to take up this challenge after knowing about it 2 years ago when i'm still actively hiking.

Yee choi (men's veteren) , Ray Ng aka tomato, me and Tony Q aka mountain siFu

Wave start, our turn...(lydia, debbie and mich)

Debbie the tai kar cheh

Lydia aka ciCak gAL

My first mt challenge.

Our Rewards

Taken from pm10's blog

Photo Courtesy of Tomatoman
I’m glad it was over, the tiredness of almost wanted to give up running downhill was what in my mind yesterday.
The journey to gunung datuk challenge began at 5a.m yesterday, it was raining heavily and I hope and pray the race will still continue. We (tomato and I) met up with tony to car pool at bkt aman and the rest of the gang Debbie, Kenny , Lydia , lydia’s outward bound instructor car pool with dave.
We reached there quite early, registered and wait for VIP to arrive to give his speech. The race starts late. It was a wave start, international category start first, follow by men veteran, follow by women.
Disco Dave was kind enough to stop at CP 1 to count for us (gals) and he waited for Lydia to reach, I remember him telling me I’m the second gal. From CP1, I tried my very best to maintain the position, initially I was lost and overtook by the 3rd gal but when I’m in the correct path I gain back the momentum and maintain my position again.  I soon met up with Tony and not long after that I saw tomatoman behind me. It was a good motivation for him to stay behind me all the way, not to push me but an indirect encouragement for me not to stop and rest. The climb was long , steep and slippery but lucky for me I wore my kg adidas and fuel belt for hydration. FYI there isn’t any water station, for those who want to join please carry your own water bottle. Soon I reach the last check point, it’s cp5, I know I still maintain my position as the 2nd gal. I was happily running down and tomatoman help me to clear the path by letting other runners know that I’m coming down. Unfortunately half way running down Gunung Datuk the gal that is suppose to be in the 4th position flying down and overtook us. It makes me realize that this race is not only about endurance, strength and power but SKILL.
At this moment tomatoman ask me to let go and do not follow her as it is too dangerous to chase. Her speed is very fast, it reminds me of the potter I saw in mt KK.
I was quite tired at the end as I find it hard to lift my leg up away from the obstacle. I felt a couple of times 
At the end  when I was about to reach the base of gunung datuk , 2 guys , tomato and another competitor keep encouraging me to go on.  I reach the finishing line and the volunteer hand me a tag written 3.
Anyway thank god that every one of us in one piece despite falling down many times. I hope Lydia is okay today as she got some pain near her ribs while breathing after falling down yesterday.



  1. Congrats, Mich! Well deserved reward!

  2. thanks . It's the most painful post race experience. Every inch of my muscle is in pain

  3. sei lei sei lei!!!! Gong Hei! Gong Hei!