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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Setia Eco Half Marathon 2010

As I’ve been racing week after week, I never even have enough time to update my blog this month. Anyway picture paints a thousand words and thanks to my partner for staying back with me after the race to collect my prize.
Position: 5th in women open
Prize: A position trophy by the Setia Eco and RM 200 Cash Voucher by New Balance
Special thanks to: Setia Eco, New balance ,Tey Eng Tiong and all the photographers
Lesson learned: Never start too fast during the first 10 km of the half marathon. I hit the wall during the last 2 km of the race.

More Info at

 Cheah Mei Mei the Champion

Monday, June 14, 2010

BV sport booster - Compression calf guards

Welcoming new running attire to my wardrobe, the BV sports black booster compression calf guard. Just got it from Runnerz Circle Store ( yesterday, this calf guard arrives just in time, to be tested and to be used during KL Marathon 2010. I will be running for half marathon distance this year. Last year I’ve attempted full marathon but stop at 30 km as I made a decision not to continue due to some minor calf injuries that cause a lot of discomfort during the run.  
Since then I’ve been using a lot of compression attire , for example compression tights, compression socks and this year it will be my first time trying on compression calf.
Photo taken from :

Just got some tips from frank in advance before i wear this calf guard upside down. He told me there is left side and right side of the calf due to the design philosophy and it's based on your human anatomy of the calf.
How to wear
1) Each leg will have it's own sleeve, left and right. Make sure the word Booster is facing out to determine which is which side.
2) Make sure the BV Sport logo is facing front too, and located just below the small little bone below your knee cap (Tibial Tubercle).
3) To determine where to wear to (height), make sure the spandex covers the Tibial Tubercle as the spandex does not have any compression material.

Tips and care
1) Hand wash preferbably. If machine wash, put it in washing net and seperate it from other clothings.
2) Can soak it overnight in detergent too, and just rinse it the next day if not too sweaty or dirty.
3) Booster word will crack eventually as it is not able to stick well on the calf compression material call Elastane and Polyamide.

Design philosophy
1) BV Sport design philosophy is based on the human body's anatomy. Therefore, the BV Booster designed is based on the calf muscle. Notice one grey area is longer than the other. Take a look at your calf muscle and you will understand.

Friday, June 11, 2010


First shorts that i sew

Tutorial.. Coming Soon