Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Very Compact Update by Princess Petai

After a month of being in a non competitive mode, I guess I declared myself as being lazy. Lazy to blog, lazy to cycle , lazy to run long distance and even lazy to swim. Errr something new to most of you , michelle is lazy to swim. :P.
     However did a lot of trail running this month and last month , a climb to gunung dato , running around fraser hill and a relaxing hike at gunung nuang (only to camp pacat). I just love the feeling of freedom while running downhill with high speed. Of course I did felt badly while running downhill with tomato and hsing ling on one Friday after at bukit gasing.
Anyway a really quick update on what happen after my last update in this blog.
1)      Subang 10k (05/06/2010)
- Special thanks to Keat Seong for pacing me for this event and I got 2nd placing in women open category. However like what always said mission fail as I plan to dip below 50 minutes. Just 8 second off my target.
2)      Eco Green Run Damansara Perdana (19/06/2010), is only 7km and I’m quite happy with this fast and furious run.
3)      SCKLM, Half Marathon (28/06/2010)
-         Yes I did this marathon under sponsor for registration fees and running vest from my company Etiqa . Special thanks to Goh Siang Hwa for coordinating this.
-         A Calf guard sponsor by BV sports
4)      Siemen’s Run 18/07/2010 , another 10km run with a failed mission to dip below 50 minutes but the good news is I got RM 150 cash prize to spend my friends for breakfast after the run. :D..
5)      Ji Mui aka bride’s maid for Tang ‘s wedding in Seremban on 11/07/2010. Congrat and wish you all the best in your new chapter in life.
6)      PD triathlon 25/07/2010 with the total time of 2:47.
7)      Ipoh Century Ride 01/08/2010, went there with no intention to race , in actual fact I don’t feel like cycling 160km as I will be having rat race 2 days later. Seriously I had the intention to save my legs for a 4.5 km dash. Million thanks to my darling, tomato for accompanying me through out the whole 160km cycling event.
8)      Rat Race 03/08/2010, it was quite a last minute thingy and this is the first time I join this race. I was quite anxious and keep asking Khoo from CIMB bank for advice and tips. Maybank HR, Datin orked and Lee Lin did a good job for making sure we had a good lunch, enough water to drink before the race and they even provide us a packet of gel.
Our women open team got first and fifth. Good job girls, next year we will try to win something for the group. :D
9)      14-15/08/2010,Fraser Hill , raub trip for durian , bentong for ice cream where I met siong har in the ice cream shop,  Great trip organized by Tony  and a trip to remember as I was attack by leeches while running at bishop trail and what surprise me was my right feet swollen badly after the leeches bite that I have to go for a jab in university hospital and on MC the next day.  
10)  22/08/2010, Gunung Datuk Trip. Since tomato never been to the peak of gunung datuk, I decided to organize this trip there with the help of Tony.
11)  28/08/2010 , Gunung Nuang until camp pacat with a small group, valen and his wife , tony and tomato.
12)  10/09/2010, Trail run in Frim with Emma, Siok B and tomato. We nearly canceled the plan because of the rain but decided to continue with it and started quite late that day. We met up with lee and yap riding their mt bike. They are nice to stop at every corner to wait for us as they know we are not familiar with the route. I did enjoy the run but somehow I felt really tired after the run and sleep like a pig for the rest of the day.
13)  12/09/2010 a Newton 25km road running simulation. One word, boring. Luckily I signed up for 12km distance.
14)  16/09/2010, trail run in frim with yip and his brother. This time the run was tough for me as I have to run faster to keep up with them and I feel quite paiseh for them to wait for me.
15)  18/09/2010 , Mei Ru and desmond wedding , another day as ji mui aka bride’s maid . Congrat and Good luck in your future and I’m happy for both of you.  
16)  26/09/2010, First run after puasa month and this time I run 12km distance and the whole world is asking me why I did such a short distance. I explained to them that I signed up for a lot of half marathon this year and decided to go for shorter distance for a change. Maybe is a wise choice and the good news is I got 3rd for 12km women open. :P
Oohh yah 1 more thing, I got a new singer sewing machine from Lee and I love it. Lot of projects waiting for me to start, I just need TIME.


  1. its about time for ur update. Also said for how many times u wanna be jimui...its a signnn!!!

  2. hahaha... Next time i become ur ji mui. I want to play with keat seong... Muahahha... Think about it also quite fun liau..

  3. get marriedlah all of you... you see i am 12 years happily married (or is it 13?)