Monday, October 11, 2010

The North Face 2010, Aim for the sky, fall on the moon.

Happy face before the race

Group Photo

Did I set an unrealistic target for north face 2010 ? I actually set this target base on how I did last year. I was hoping to finish within 2hours 35 minutes to 2 hours 45 minutes.
This year I partner Tomatoman and our team is Crazy Tomei (tomato + mei yan). We, (Kenny, Debbie and both of us ) left KL last Friday morning and reach Sg around 4 p.m ++. We headed straight to Marina Square to collect our Bib . At the bib collection area which is inside North Face Concept shop , we bump into yip , san and shih ming.
After the collection without wasting time, we went straight to Kenny’s friend, Ming at his house in Bedok. At Ming’s place we were greeted by Ming and his wife Chris and their 2 hyper active dogs.
That night we slept early as we need to get up early in the morning to get ready. BTW the race starts at 10 am. which means we have ample of time to enjoy our breakfast.
The race flag of at 10 a.m. Tomato and I ran together as he told me he did not want to push as he have calf injury recently. We were happy to clock 6 min / km pace for the first 10 km. A comfortable pace for me but might be slow for tomato. I was actually dreaming to finish the race in 2 hours 30 minutes.  :D
As the journey continues there were a lot of very open area and we were exposed to sun. It was really hot and each water station I passed I would grab 2 cups of 100 plus and a cup of plain water to pour over my head.
After 15 km , I wasn’t feeling that great anymore, I begin to breathe heavily , my legs want to go faster but my breathing is not helping me. I bump into yip for the second time and this time he encouraging me by saying there is only 10 km left. I was happy and at the same time I suspect that yip is suffering as he was already walking.
The last 5 km was the toughest; I wanted to give up so badly as I’m tired and my hands developing goose bumps. The weird part is the weather is hot but I developing goose bumps.
Tomato realizes that I’m suffering as I begin to run slower and slower and walks on uphill. I told him I reach the max. He begins to change our target to 2hours 45 minutes, and then to the timing I did last year. A lot of thoughts running thru my brain, I suspect it is over distance. When I knew I only got 2 more km to go, I keep telling tomato that I can’t wait to get out of the trail and lie down on the grass.
Finally we cross the finishing line together for the first time. It was sweet and kind of romantic to do so.
My Prince Tomato
Special thanks to
-         Raymond Ng aka tomatoman
-         North Face organizer and volunteer
-         Lynette for coming to the finishing line to support us.
-          BV booster for sponsoring me a calf guard that helps to support my shin and calf. I felt a great different when running downhill with a calf guard support.  I have less worry about shin pain or calf pain and therefore I run down aggressively. :P
-         Ming for his hospitality
Post race trip at pulau ubin

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  1. Wah so romantic :) Well done, a very tough race.