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Saturday, April 2, 2011

RIP, Mr PK Yeoh

It is already a week and I still couldn’t’ believe what I saw or hear. I wish it was just a bad dream. Last Saturday I lost a cycling companion, a ride leader for some of the pcc ride, the late PK Yeoh.

I woke up quite late last Saturday morning and decided to do a triathlon simulation in putrajaya. A half an hour swim , follow by a short 30 km ride and a 5km run.  As usual we will use mex highway to go putrajaya . After passing sri petaling, bukit jalil at mex highway , there was a road closure that almost occupied 2 lane. We slow down and we notice a black colour plastic bag covering a dead body. Not far from this scene we saw a few cyclist standing at the emergency and as I look behind the side mirror I notice a badly damage road bike lying on the road.  Immediately we pull aside and walk towards it. The first person I saw was Vincent that informed me who is the person lying on the road. I really couldn’t believe my ears and my eyes. Somehow the first person I think about is pk’s wife, May or Mei.  How can she accept this? Will she be able to cycle again? What about pk’s son? As far as I remember pk son is only 15 but somehow I forgotten it was the year 2008 when I first met this family.

As far as I can remember clearly it was 1st of February 2008 when I first got my road bike from boon foo and this is where I met PK and his son.  Can’t remember most of the conversation but I still remember him recommending me to use a shorter bike water bottle as it is easier for me to take out and put it back.

The next day is my first ride where I was invited by vong to join them for an easy ride around kota damansara.  Here I met pk’s wife and my first impression is this family build a very strong bond by cycling together.  This is a day this family witnesses me falling from the bike countless time when I stop and helping me to pick up the bike and guide me again.

It is also the day I always remember the tips that pk gave me on how to land my foot and turn the handle bar to the side that I land after unclipping the clip less pedal. Valuable tips that I’ve passed it to many beginner’s cyclists and will continue to do it.

Since then  almost every week I join pcc to cycle on Thursday night and some of the long ride organized by pcc as part of my training for triathlon. Usually I will try to follow pk’s wife May in a small peloton.  There are times when I got drop from the peloton and PK push me back into it. Here I learn some valuable tips from him. In order to catch up with the peloton I shall change to a heavier gear. Thanks for the important tips.

Soon after that I was busy training for run and rarely join pcc ride anymore.  Most of the Saturday when I cycle at mex higway I’ll saw PK on the opposite side of the highway calling me Lisar instead of Michelle.  I do miss cycling in a peloton with them but I need to train with this group of ironman wannabe as I myself preparing for it.  I still remember him sarcastically saying, we have andrea the android, maybe soon we will have Michael .

The last time I cycle with him was half a year ago where I met his family , Clarence and some beginners cyclist at the tol of Mex highway. I still remember telling him I’m going to cycle for fun and will start to join him for most of his Saturday short distance ride to enjoy cycling in a peloton again.  I miss the fun cycling with him .

Rest in peace PK and I will always continue to pass on this tips that you gave me to a beginner’s cyclists.