Saturday, April 2, 2011

RIP, Mr PK Yeoh

It is already a week and I still couldn’t’ believe what I saw or hear. I wish it was just a bad dream. Last Saturday I lost a cycling companion, a ride leader for some of the pcc ride, the late PK Yeoh.

I woke up quite late last Saturday morning and decided to do a triathlon simulation in putrajaya. A half an hour swim , follow by a short 30 km ride and a 5km run.  As usual we will use mex highway to go putrajaya . After passing sri petaling, bukit jalil at mex highway , there was a road closure that almost occupied 2 lane. We slow down and we notice a black colour plastic bag covering a dead body. Not far from this scene we saw a few cyclist standing at the emergency and as I look behind the side mirror I notice a badly damage road bike lying on the road.  Immediately we pull aside and walk towards it. The first person I saw was Vincent that informed me who is the person lying on the road. I really couldn’t believe my ears and my eyes. Somehow the first person I think about is pk’s wife, May or Mei.  How can she accept this? Will she be able to cycle again? What about pk’s son? As far as I remember pk son is only 15 but somehow I forgotten it was the year 2008 when I first met this family.

As far as I can remember clearly it was 1st of February 2008 when I first got my road bike from boon foo and this is where I met PK and his son.  Can’t remember most of the conversation but I still remember him recommending me to use a shorter bike water bottle as it is easier for me to take out and put it back.

The next day is my first ride where I was invited by vong to join them for an easy ride around kota damansara.  Here I met pk’s wife and my first impression is this family build a very strong bond by cycling together.  This is a day this family witnesses me falling from the bike countless time when I stop and helping me to pick up the bike and guide me again.

It is also the day I always remember the tips that pk gave me on how to land my foot and turn the handle bar to the side that I land after unclipping the clip less pedal. Valuable tips that I’ve passed it to many beginner’s cyclists and will continue to do it.

Since then  almost every week I join pcc to cycle on Thursday night and some of the long ride organized by pcc as part of my training for triathlon. Usually I will try to follow pk’s wife May in a small peloton.  There are times when I got drop from the peloton and PK push me back into it. Here I learn some valuable tips from him. In order to catch up with the peloton I shall change to a heavier gear. Thanks for the important tips.

Soon after that I was busy training for run and rarely join pcc ride anymore.  Most of the Saturday when I cycle at mex higway I’ll saw PK on the opposite side of the highway calling me Lisar instead of Michelle.  I do miss cycling in a peloton with them but I need to train with this group of ironman wannabe as I myself preparing for it.  I still remember him sarcastically saying, we have andrea the android, maybe soon we will have Michael .

The last time I cycle with him was half a year ago where I met his family , Clarence and some beginners cyclist at the tol of Mex highway. I still remember telling him I’m going to cycle for fun and will start to join him for most of his Saturday short distance ride to enjoy cycling in a peloton again.  I miss the fun cycling with him .

Rest in peace PK and I will always continue to pass on this tips that you gave me to a beginner’s cyclists.


  1. Thanks for writing this - it helps to describe more about PK for those who didn't have the pleasure of knowing him well personally.

  2. welcome.. i just write whatever flash back i have in my mind.

  3. Yes PK was a great lost to the cycling community, its now nearly a year after his death, gonna blog about the other death that happened recently, Hope you are still doing triathlons.
    Keep it up, nice to meet another person that does triathlon,

    Add me on twitter @isaac976 if you have