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TMBT 2011

My first ultra trail 50km

Monday, October 31, 2011

My first sub 1:50 half marathon - Pj Half Marathon 2011

Our Bibs

The goodies bag. Very nice t-shirt and i'm going to do something out of it.
My prize , Recycle bag, Jusco Voucher of rm 200 and a BIG umbrella by sports toto which is still in my car.
Sexy tomatoman
and ME , trying to achieve sub 1:50 and I did it.

Result at

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Public Speaking Skill Needed

It will be a turning point for me . From today onwards i will do whatever it takes to train up this skill. The skill that i finally realize i'm lack of . You might ask, what makes you realize it suddenly, let me tell you how
1) Thanks to the rat race lunch by maybank where i get the opportunity to meet some of the ceo there. I keep asking what makes them so successful and i finally realize it when they start giving speech. It was a fantastic public speaking skill they acquired. AND then my turn came and i felt that i have to cut it short so that my audience does not get bored. Anyway , thanks to the experience given by HR

2) The next thing is i have a impromptu interview by one of the company which i shall not mentioned here. I thought they will ask me about my work but at the end they follow a standard question that they need to ask. Things like what makes you so special that i must hired you? why are you so unique?  And then i felt that my answer is so boring for the interviewer. Something went thru my brain at that time, I must I must train my public speaking skill in order to win an interview and to get notice across the society.  First impression is so important because we need to talk first before wining a job. 

3) Recently is Make the pitch NTV7 show, which I watched recently. What makes them stand out other then the project they have in mind is the ability to present their idea to the judge and ability to talk spontaneously. Communication is so important for someone to win or lose the deal when you meet them for the first time. C'est la vie, life is like that LAH. 

So if you are interested to join my journey to acquire this skill , let me know by emailing me at Remember ask and you shall receive

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to repair a watch strap using Road Bike Tube ?

I actually got this idea from Dino  to repair watch strap band using bike tyre tube and decided to blog about it

 Grab a punctured road bike tyre tube from any bike shop.
Cut your desire width
Force it in

I made it

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Basmati Fried Rice with Tomato, Carrot,Eggs and Sausage

 2 plates of Jasmine basmati rice – Healthier choice of rice with Low Glycaemic Index (GI)
1 Carrot
2 Tomatoes
1 chilli padi
1 sausage
2 big onions
A few shallots

1.5 table spoon of Tomato Sauce
Pepper, Sugar and Salt.


Wash all ingredients and finely chop shallots, chilli padi. Cut tomato in cubes and slice sausage with 0.7 mm thickness.
Shred carrots using carrot shredder
Beat 1-2 eggs and put it aside.
Heat the frying pan with few tablespoons of oil. Add shallots, onions, chilli padi and fried for 1 or 2 minutes. Add in sausage and stir for another minute follow by tomato and carrots.
To save time frying eggs using a separate pan, create an empty space in the middle of the frying pan. Pour the beaten eggs and stir it to create scrambled eggs. When is almost cook pour basmati fried rice into the frying pan. Mix thoroughly and gradually adding tomato sauce, salt, sugar and pepper. Serve hot,

Yummy Fried rice that looks like nasi beriani

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My first RM 0.15, thanks to my reader

Dear Reader
Thanks for clicking the advertisement to support me. It really motivates me to continue to write more DIY tutorial. I'm happy to share

Love Always
Michelle Looi

Saturday, October 15, 2011

DNS Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

With TMBT 50k ultra running around the corner, putrajaya night marathon is my planned training leading to this race.
My plans are
1) KOM using mtb
2) Putrajaya Night Marathon
3) PJ half marathon

Unfortunately I'm down with fever, headache and running nose on thursday . I was really undecided whether to run or not to run today. Walking up and down , analyzing the consequences of running while i'm still having fever and joints ache. Maybe i can take paracetamol. Emm. But i still remember doing that 2 years ago during powerman. I thought i can just trick my body into racing but things got worst  and i still remember staying at home for the whole week after that.
After an hour of walking up and down , i decided i should put on the bib and at least give it a try to run 42 km. Maybe not run , maybe walk and run. I promise to listen to myself and dnf if things is not right. Listen to myself? It is quite hard to DNF once the race started .Well after thorough consideration, i decided to take out my bib from my running vest and do not repeat the mistake i made 2 years ago in powerman.

Look at the bright side, i will rest well be healthy and train well for the next race, which is pj half marathon. Yes i can't wait to race again.
 putrajaya night marathon 2010 and also the last marathon i did.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

MMW foodie Apps

We Runner, cyclists, hikers travel around Malaysia for our activities and of course we love to eat after our activities.  Unfortunately most of the time we ran out of idea of what to eat? or Where to eat ? . Even worse is nobody can make decision as we are skeptical about it .Introducing a new android app call MMW foodie where your location is automatically determine once you are connected over the internet.
Download MMW from the Android market Apps

Apps will automatically determine your location

 Choose the restaurant you are interested in. View the comment or give comment

Ntv7’s ‘Make The Pitch’ auditions

Hello everyone
Remember to watch Desmond appearance in Make The Pitch Auditions at NTV 7 , 19 october 2011, 8.30 p.m.
Desmond Lua from
Creator of

Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to make Camel Bak cleaning kit

 Err.. something growing inside my hydration pack

Material aka junks needed
1) Used bicycle brake cable. Make sure you wash it clean.
2) 1 inch X 1 meter dry fit cloth . Cut from any old dry fit t-shirt. You can use cotton t-shirt too. Any stretchable material will do
3) Cellophane tape

1) First you need to clean the brake cable and make sure it is free from oil . The main reason why i use brake cable is because it is really hard but flexible to go thru the Camel Bak Hydration tube easily.
2) Wrap the brake cable with the piece of cloth. You need to wrap it tightly 
Dry Fit material from my t-shirt
 Wrap it as tight as possible
 Here you go

 Use cellophane tape to secure it
Ta Da !!!

How to use ?
 Take out the bite valve from the hydration bag
 All the way to the end. Rinse the cleaning kit, and repeat

Is done but remember to hang it and dry it thoroughly

Friday, October 7, 2011

Salomon - Killian Jornet Asia Tour 2011

Yahoo!!! got invitation to run with Killian Jornet and Ms Zhana the world class trail runner

Dear Salomon X-Trail Run 2011 winners,

Congratulations for being the top 5 winners in your respective categories during our recent Salomon X-Trail Run 2011. We hope you had an enjoyable event & will look forward to your support again in 2012.

My name is Mr Glenny J Da Costa, Sales Manager of W.O.S. World Of Sports (M) Sdn Bhd (Exclusive distributor of Salomon in Malaysia)

We would like to announce that Salomon will be bringing down their brand Ambassador Mr Killian Jornet & Ms Zhanna Vokueka (their career profile as attached) for a promotion visit to Kuala Lumpur on the 24th October 2011 & all of you are invited as our VIP guest to attend a Running Clinic attended by both Killian & Zhanna. On the event day, both Killian & Zhanna will share with us their experience of being a world class Trail Runners & thereafter given an opportunity to run with them for an estimate 5km route inside Lembah Kiara.

All invited guest will received a goody bag from Salomon.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

NARUKO Tea Tree AcneTreatment Review

After months of fighting with acne, i was introduced to this Taiwan product by my colleague Joey Hong. In a desperate mode to get rid of my acne  asap, I decided to try.  I would consider this product affordable and quite gentle to the skin compare to some very harsh chemical that I apply on.

Things that I bought ease my acne problem
Naruko Tea Tree Night Gelly 60 ml
On the right is the texture of the gelly
Main ingredient used : Tea tree oil, Phytoferulin, Glycolic acid.

Other ingredient: Not sure as it is mainly printed in Chinese and I do not read chinese. I wish Naruko will come out with an English instruction paper or manual.

How to use : Apply 2 spatula of night gelly every night before you sleep  and after cleaning your face and toning it.

Review :  Some would call it night mask and some would think it is just another jar of moisturizer . I would view it as Moisturizer + acne treatement + face mask.  Convenient for lazy people like me. I’ve been using it since July 2011  and it keep my skin well moisturized

Can last around 2 months for daily use.

Price :

RM 42 from

RM 45 from

  Naruko Tea Tree Night  Oil Treatment 60 ml

Feels like diluted calamine lotion
Main ingredient used : Tea tree oil, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, peppermint oil

How to use : Suppose to use a cotton bud to apply on the spot but i now  pour some into eye drop container and apply directly to it using finger.

Review : Matte feeling and the texture feels like diluted  calamine lotion with peppermint oil .  There isn’t much feedback that I can give as I just started using it a month ago.  Overall I love the way they mask the sulfur smell by using peppermint oil and tea tree oil.

Price RM 44.10

Naruko Malaysia Online Shop personal review
 -original product of naruko,
- spend RM 70 above for free shipping
- shipping is super duper fast
- Seller does not provide prompt response for enquiries
- official website
- Friendly seller and fast reply
- Shipping is fast 
- strictly follow retail price
- Free shipping given only if you spend RM 100 above.  

We run Nike 10 k promo, 20% off

Let me know by posting in my comment if you want my confirmation slip to buy nike product, will  email it to you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gunung Batu Putih , Merdeka Expedition 2011

After a year of hibernating and being inactively blogging, I decided to blog again to share my mountaineering experience.  The blog that I left behind is . I will still continue to use it to post photos.
Yearly Merdeka weekend hike
2007 Gunung Buah Bunga
2008 Rinjani Expedition - Tough but worth it

Tang and I 
(Remember to protect your skin from sun when you hike Mt Rinjani)
2009 Gunung Yong Yap - A Place where my next chapter of life begins
 This is where i pluck a tomato
OMG i forgotten the uncle's name, Tomato, Me, Debbie and Kenny
2010 - Couldn't recall where i go

2011 Gunung Batu Putih - Challenging but difficulty is incomparable with Mt Rinjani
Organized by http://
First Day 30/08/2011
Start around 9:50 am from Kuala Woh
Reach the camp site with a big rock aka cave around 3 p.m.

Second Day,31/09/2011
Start around 9a.m and Reach the peak around 12 p.m

Third Day ,01/09/2011
Descend Gunung Batu Putih,  Kenny , Debbie , Tomato and I went to Ipoh to visit my aunt. The rest continue their journey back to PJ and KL

Group Photo
From The Left Standing : Kenny Kwan, Soo Min, Hsing Ling, Debbie, Me, Lian Ming, Thong
From The Left Front Line : Yit Tee and Tomato

 Don't what species of mushroom.

 Sleeping at the peak - Hsing Ling, our mobile drug store.
 Our Reward at Funny Mountain Tau Foo Fah in Ipoh

And Once again We did it !!