Saturday, October 15, 2011

DNS Putrajaya Night Marathon 2011

With TMBT 50k ultra running around the corner, putrajaya night marathon is my planned training leading to this race.
My plans are
1) KOM using mtb
2) Putrajaya Night Marathon
3) PJ half marathon

Unfortunately I'm down with fever, headache and running nose on thursday . I was really undecided whether to run or not to run today. Walking up and down , analyzing the consequences of running while i'm still having fever and joints ache. Maybe i can take paracetamol. Emm. But i still remember doing that 2 years ago during powerman. I thought i can just trick my body into racing but things got worst  and i still remember staying at home for the whole week after that.
After an hour of walking up and down , i decided i should put on the bib and at least give it a try to run 42 km. Maybe not run , maybe walk and run. I promise to listen to myself and dnf if things is not right. Listen to myself? It is quite hard to DNF once the race started .Well after thorough consideration, i decided to take out my bib from my running vest and do not repeat the mistake i made 2 years ago in powerman.

Look at the bright side, i will rest well be healthy and train well for the next race, which is pj half marathon. Yes i can't wait to race again.
 putrajaya night marathon 2010 and also the last marathon i did.

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