Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gunung Batu Putih , Merdeka Expedition 2011

After a year of hibernating and being inactively blogging, I decided to blog again to share my mountaineering experience.  The blog that I left behind is . I will still continue to use it to post photos.
Yearly Merdeka weekend hike
2007 Gunung Buah Bunga
2008 Rinjani Expedition - Tough but worth it

Tang and I 
(Remember to protect your skin from sun when you hike Mt Rinjani)
2009 Gunung Yong Yap - A Place where my next chapter of life begins
 This is where i pluck a tomato
OMG i forgotten the uncle's name, Tomato, Me, Debbie and Kenny
2010 - Couldn't recall where i go

2011 Gunung Batu Putih - Challenging but difficulty is incomparable with Mt Rinjani
Organized by http://
First Day 30/08/2011
Start around 9:50 am from Kuala Woh
Reach the camp site with a big rock aka cave around 3 p.m.

Second Day,31/09/2011
Start around 9a.m and Reach the peak around 12 p.m

Third Day ,01/09/2011
Descend Gunung Batu Putih,  Kenny , Debbie , Tomato and I went to Ipoh to visit my aunt. The rest continue their journey back to PJ and KL

Group Photo
From The Left Standing : Kenny Kwan, Soo Min, Hsing Ling, Debbie, Me, Lian Ming, Thong
From The Left Front Line : Yit Tee and Tomato

 Don't what species of mushroom.

 Sleeping at the peak - Hsing Ling, our mobile drug store.
 Our Reward at Funny Mountain Tau Foo Fah in Ipoh

And Once again We did it !!

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