Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to make Camel Bak cleaning kit

 Err.. something growing inside my hydration pack

Material aka junks needed
1) Used bicycle brake cable. Make sure you wash it clean.
2) 1 inch X 1 meter dry fit cloth . Cut from any old dry fit t-shirt. You can use cotton t-shirt too. Any stretchable material will do
3) Cellophane tape

1) First you need to clean the brake cable and make sure it is free from oil . The main reason why i use brake cable is because it is really hard but flexible to go thru the Camel Bak Hydration tube easily.
2) Wrap the brake cable with the piece of cloth. You need to wrap it tightly 
Dry Fit material from my t-shirt
 Wrap it as tight as possible
 Here you go

 Use cellophane tape to secure it
Ta Da !!!

How to use ?
 Take out the bite valve from the hydration bag
 All the way to the end. Rinse the cleaning kit, and repeat

Is done but remember to hang it and dry it thoroughly

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