Monday, October 3, 2011

Maybankers Sweep 6 Champion Titles in Rat Race 2011 - by Maybank Bulletin

"Wow! That's amazing. I wished I was there to witness the event. Congratulations to all!"
- PCEO, Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar's congratulatory note from Hong Kong to all winners
of The Edge-Bursa Rat Race 2011 -

Maybankers' remarkable success at The Edge-Bursa Rat Race 2011 on Tuesday, 20 September was felt all the way to Hong Kong with PCEO extending his congratulatory note above from Hong Kong to our winners.
Team 1Maybank comprising of runners and cheerleaders did Maybank proud by clinching six champion titles out of the 16 categories and two runner-up titles in the race.

The race venue at Bursa Malaysia was carnival like with Maybankers sea of yellow dominating the thousands present. Maybankers came geared up with tiger paws, bong bong sticks and led by our lion dance troupe (children from Ti-Ratana Home) together with our cheerleaders, the Maybank contingent were a class of its own. A very visible Maybank sign at the crowd and on each Maybankers was our refreshed Maybank logo.

Congratulations to our runners and cheerleaders who came out tops at the finishing line in the following categories:

1. Cheerleading category
    Team members were:
  1.     Nurul Jas'siqah bt Jamaluddin
  2.     Nadia Sabrina Hanum bt Abdul Rahman
  3.     Irwena Mohd Azmee
  4.     Nur Ira Fatihah bt Ahmad Zaki
  5.     Rabiatul Ramly
  6.     Sharifah Nadia Najuuwa Syed Yusof
  7.     Shahfiez bin Shamsuri
  8.     Mohamad Sahnizam bin Ali Hussain
  9.     Mohamad Azahan bin Abu Bakar
  10.     Nik Mohamad Hafiz bin Husin

Individual Runners
2. Female Runners (Senior Category) - Florence Tan  Mei Mei
3. Male Runners (Senior Category) - Ramachandran S/O Murusamy
4. Female Runners (Mixed Category) - Looi Mei Yan
5. Male Runners (Open Category) - Karmukilan A/L Maniam

Team Runners
6. Senior Runners Category - Judith Krishanthini Abraham,  Ramachandran S/O Murusamy,  Florence Tan  Mei Mei, Johnny Ong How Thong, Loong Weng Onn

1st Runner-up - Individual Runners
7. Female Runners (Senior Category) - Judith Krishanthini Abraham
8. Male Runners (Open Category) - Arumugam Sinnathamby A/L Mariappan

We thank all our 27 runners from Head Office, BII, MPI and Maybank Singapore for putting on their running shoes for a good cause. Congratulations to  our cheerleading team too who won the champion title for the cheerleading category. The team literally fired up the event with an energetic dance medley with some great acrobatics and eye-catching moves culminating with an impressive fire-eating performance that wowed the crowd and the judges!! It was a nerve wrecking moment for our cheerleaders before the winner was announced. Upon hearing Maybank was declared as the winner, they erupted in joy!

Thank you to all who helped the team and put on a good show. Well done Maybankers from all of us at Maybank.

The Edge-Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Rat race 2011 is in its 12th year running since its inaugural event in 2000. This year, the race raised more than RM1.9million benefitting 20 charitable organisation who will be receiving close to RM100k each. Maybank sent in five teams to participate this year.



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