Thursday, October 6, 2011

NARUKO Tea Tree AcneTreatment Review

After months of fighting with acne, i was introduced to this Taiwan product by my colleague Joey Hong. In a desperate mode to get rid of my acne  asap, I decided to try.  I would consider this product affordable and quite gentle to the skin compare to some very harsh chemical that I apply on.

Things that I bought ease my acne problem
Naruko Tea Tree Night Gelly 60 ml
On the right is the texture of the gelly
Main ingredient used : Tea tree oil, Phytoferulin, Glycolic acid.

Other ingredient: Not sure as it is mainly printed in Chinese and I do not read chinese. I wish Naruko will come out with an English instruction paper or manual.

How to use : Apply 2 spatula of night gelly every night before you sleep  and after cleaning your face and toning it.

Review :  Some would call it night mask and some would think it is just another jar of moisturizer . I would view it as Moisturizer + acne treatement + face mask.  Convenient for lazy people like me. I’ve been using it since July 2011  and it keep my skin well moisturized

Can last around 2 months for daily use.

Price :

RM 42 from

RM 45 from

  Naruko Tea Tree Night  Oil Treatment 60 ml

Feels like diluted calamine lotion
Main ingredient used : Tea tree oil, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, peppermint oil

How to use : Suppose to use a cotton bud to apply on the spot but i now  pour some into eye drop container and apply directly to it using finger.

Review : Matte feeling and the texture feels like diluted  calamine lotion with peppermint oil .  There isn’t much feedback that I can give as I just started using it a month ago.  Overall I love the way they mask the sulfur smell by using peppermint oil and tea tree oil.

Price RM 44.10

Naruko Malaysia Online Shop personal review
 -original product of naruko,
- spend RM 70 above for free shipping
- shipping is super duper fast
- Seller does not provide prompt response for enquiries
- official website
- Friendly seller and fast reply
- Shipping is fast 
- strictly follow retail price
- Free shipping given only if you spend RM 100 above.  


  1. Thanks for sharing! I purchase my Naruko products from this website: Their perks is Free shipping for minimum 3items purchased.

  2. Thanks for sharing also. I'm glad i can help.