Saturday, October 22, 2011

Public Speaking Skill Needed

It will be a turning point for me . From today onwards i will do whatever it takes to train up this skill. The skill that i finally realize i'm lack of . You might ask, what makes you realize it suddenly, let me tell you how
1) Thanks to the rat race lunch by maybank where i get the opportunity to meet some of the ceo there. I keep asking what makes them so successful and i finally realize it when they start giving speech. It was a fantastic public speaking skill they acquired. AND then my turn came and i felt that i have to cut it short so that my audience does not get bored. Anyway , thanks to the experience given by HR

2) The next thing is i have a impromptu interview by one of the company which i shall not mentioned here. I thought they will ask me about my work but at the end they follow a standard question that they need to ask. Things like what makes you so special that i must hired you? why are you so unique?  And then i felt that my answer is so boring for the interviewer. Something went thru my brain at that time, I must I must train my public speaking skill in order to win an interview and to get notice across the society.  First impression is so important because we need to talk first before wining a job. 

3) Recently is Make the pitch NTV7 show, which I watched recently. What makes them stand out other then the project they have in mind is the ability to present their idea to the judge and ability to talk spontaneously. Communication is so important for someone to win or lose the deal when you meet them for the first time. C'est la vie, life is like that LAH. 

So if you are interested to join my journey to acquire this skill , let me know by emailing me at Remember ask and you shall receive

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