Monday, October 3, 2011

Rat Race , I did it again !!

Last year was my first year running in rat race and I won in women open with the time of 23 minutes 50 second and this year I did it with the time of 22 minutes 07 seconds and I really hope to dip below 22 minutes next year.
The rewards : A position medal
 Position Medal
 Main Sponsor : The Edge and Bursa Malaysia
Photo courtesy of Chan WK
AND of course a 3 months of Free Trial Gym Membership from Fitness first which i'm willing to give it away. Just post a comment by saying : I WANT. 
Rat Racer group photos. Maybankers from Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia 

The Winners
1) M. Ramachandran Male Veteran Champion  17:11.34

2) Karmukilan A/L Maniam Male  open Champion 17:21.60

3) Arumugam Sinnathamby A/L Mariappan Male open 1st runner up18:12.56

4) Looi Mei Yan Female mixed champion 22:07.31

5) Florence Tan Mei Mei Female
Veteran Champion 24:59.59

6) Judith Krishanthini Abraham 
Female Veteran Champion 25:09.47


  1. thanks. now i start blogging already after disappear for a year