Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gunung Rajah Day Trip aka trail run training 27/11/2011

Last week was a great weekend where my hiking buddy and I decided to do something out of ordinary. We try to do a trail run at gunung rajah. Usually Gunung rajah requires 3d 2n or 2d 1n to hike. The last time I went to gunung rajah was 5 years ago.  The reason why we choose gunung rajah for trail run is the ample of water station along the trail. The last water point water feels like water taken out from the fridge. Cold and refreshing but the color looks like Chinese tea. The starting point is at chamang waterfall which is 8km from Bentong town. The height 1685 m / 5526 ft and the elevation I leave it  Yip Weng Tak to tell you. Is a also famous for a lightning incident.
I wonder where will be by next trail run. Liang East and West ? Gunung Batu Putih ? Anyone ?


The starting point is chamang waterfall which is 8km from bentong town
 The trail begins here. We start at 7.37 a.m

 Turn Left when you reach the open area. The time now is 7.43 a.m
 Reach here around 7.46 a.m
 Follow the paip
 You will reach orang asli village after 21 minutes of brisk walk (Michelle's pace)
 A big open area and the trail is going to start soon. The time now is 8.23 a.m

Going In
 Trail is runnable with slight incline
 At 9.19 a.m . This is the river you must cross

Crossing this river is not easy
 At 9.57 you will reach another river for refill .
 From here the estimation walking pace to kem lata hijau is an hour
 This is Kem pematang bongsai. Take a break and enjoy the view here
 From Pematang Bongsai, the road to the peak is going to be a lot of climbs
 This is the time where i reach the peak
 First guy that reach the peak in 4 hours
The Group leader of the day Wong CC aka ah Ming
 An hour break at gunung Rajah peak
 This is KKB dam
And this is bentong town
The group that made it to the peak 
Panic when trying to descent

Total time taken 10 hours
Total walking /running time 9 hours
Weather condition : Windy with slight drizzle at the end of the run. 

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